It’s a few days in now since we all received our iPads here in the office and I have to say we are bloody loving them.
They are a joy to browse web pages with and reading blogs is just fantastic with the almighy iPad.
The only issue I have had, and from reading a few tweets and other posts it seems others have this issue too, it’s the fact that the Wifi seems to drop and and your network seems to vanish from time to time.
I have found a quick fix/work around instead of going into your settings and going through the re-connecting steps is just to hit the power button at the top and then unlock the iPad again and then wham your connection is back. I know it’s not really a fix but it’s a lot faster then messing round in your settings and once you know this it’s not too much of a pain.
It’s a strange bug but I have to say I wouldn’t my iPad back for this, I forgive you Apple for this little mistake. 🙂
WiFi dropping on the iPad