Help customers get expert information exactly when they need it with the Customer Portal! Whether you use Teamwork Desk to support staff internally or for external customer support, the customer portal is a feature that can save time and get customer questions answered quickly.
Traditionally, when customers have a query, they send an email to the support team and hope to get a response as soon as possible. Whether their issue is basic or complex, both customers and the support team spend a lot of time describing an issue and resolving it, and sometimes there are miscommunications in the process.
Setting up a customer portal in Teamwork Desk can reduce the number of support tickets raised, save your team from common and repetitive queries, and enable your customers to gather resolutions without having to contact support agents. If you want to save time and empower your customers, then the customer portal is a feature you won’t want to miss! Let’s take a look at each of the main elements that make up our customer portal.

A dedicated support hub

The Teamwork Desk customer portal is a single space where your customers or internal staff can go to find a resolution to their queries. The portal is made up of two main sections: company help docs and the ticket submission area. The help docs are an on-demand, self-service knowledge base where customers can quickly and easily find an answer to their question. If they can’t find what they ’re looking for here, they can submit a ticket directly to the support team from the customer portal.
Many customers feel more empowered when they can track tickets and refer to expert help docs anytime they need them from an easy-to-navigate portal. Customers can get started using a unique link to your customer portal that is automatically sent to them after they submit their first ticket. This allows the customer to set their password for future access to the customer portal.


Expert information on demand

Your customers’ first step to finding the answers they need is the help doc section.  A help doc site, otherwise known as a knowledge base, is a library of articles detailing information on your product or service.
Making help docs accessible to customers allows you to create, share and organize information inside and outside your business. It enables customers to solve problems on their own, day or night, freeing up your agents time to focus on more complex requests or queries.
Some companies set up an internal help doc site as an easy way to provide employees with important information, processes or plans.  Having this well organized and detailed help doc site streamlines communication between teams and customers, and your team doesn’t even need to be logged into the portal to view the help docs articles. Your customers will feel like your company goes the extra mile, and your agents will have a more manageable workload, since most of your customers can get the basic questions answered on your website.


Submit, manage, and track requests

If customers can’t find an answer to their question in help docs, it’s easy to get in touch with the support team. Customers can submit requests to the relevant department, like Support, Sales, Marketing, Operations or Finance, so their question goes directly to the specialist they need.  

Ticket forms allow you to capture specific information that can help decrease the number of follow-up questions. Whether you need a product type, ID number or country code, you can collect additional information from customers to help you find a resolution more quickly. Additional custom fields are also available on the Premium plan.
When a request is submitted through the portal, customers can track and manage tickets they’ve raised. With full visibility over ticket history, your customers can search previous interactions to find answers to questions they’ve already asked, so no one has to ask or answer the same questions twice! And with just a few clicks, customers can get a status update of their tickets so they know at a glance if it’s in process or completed. This feature gives customers a window into their resolution and a sense of control as they wait.


Make it your own

Customize the portal with your logo and colors to match your brand for a seamless customer experience. As customers move from your website to the customer portal,  consistent brand themes will reassure customers they are in the right place to find the information they need.

Step through the portal

The customer portal offers teams huge potential for time savings and the ability to provide customer support on an entirely new level. Put more information at your customers’ fingertips so your agents can have more freedom to tackle the tough problems.  The customer portal and 1 free help doc site are available on all Teamwork Desk plans, so start making the most of them today! Check out our customer portal help docs or this short video that shows you how to get started.