It’s been a very long time coming but we have now finished our iPhone App, well version 1 anyway. It has been approved by Apple to release in to the App store, but before set it live we would like to get some TeamworkPM users to take it for a bit of a test drive first before we fully release it on to the App store.
So how do you get the App?
To start off we are going to give the App out to just 30 people, to be one of these 30 people you must tweet out to us @teamworkPM that you want to test out the new iPhone app. (make sure you are following us so I can then send you a direct message about how to set it up.)
How do I get the App to run?
To get the App running on your iPhone we will need you UDID, there is a free app called, funny enough UDID, just download this in the app store then run it and you will see your ID, we will need this to get your phone aurthorised to use the App. Once we have this we will send direct message you with a link to install the App. You will then need to go into your TeamworkPM account, click on your name and go to ‘My details’. The last tab is called API and this is where you will find your token to authenticate yourself. You then take this code and enter it into the settings area within the iPhone App. Once this is down you are now good to go 🙂
Teamwork Projects iPhone app 2010
Teamwork Projects iPhone app 2010