With more and more teams switching to remote work, we’ve been working harder than ever to add new features that let your team collaborate, share knowledge, and stay in sync — even when you’re not in the same place. 

Here are some of the key features we’ve released recently:

Page Templates

When creating a new page in Teamwork Spaces, you can now use page templates to pre-populate your pages. 

This is super useful for ensuring that all new pages follow a predefined structure, so you can be confident that you’re capturing all the key information when you create a new page.

For example, you can create a project plan template that you can use again and again to help your teams follow best practices, plan more efficiently and execute each project more effectively.

See how easy it is to create your own templates in this help doc, and then start using them to quickly spin up new pages from your library of templates.

Page Privacy

Every company has sensitive and confidential information that should only be shared with certain stakeholders, teams, or people within the organization. Now, Page Privacy allows you to set granular privacy settings for each individual page, so you can decide the appropriate privacy level for each one. 

You can choose from the following privacy options:

  • Space members – all members of the space can see this page.
  • Editors – only members with the edit permission can see this page.
  • Specific members – allows you to choose individual members who will be able to see this page.
  • Only me – the page will be private to you.

If you want to apply these settings to your content, see how to set page privacy here.

Space attachments

We’ve created a central repository for all of your attachments within each space so that you can add them to a page as you wish.  From this central location you can view and manage all attachments, and easily upload with our drag and drop functionality. See how you can manage your attachments here, so you can add extra information and supporting materials to your pages and spaces. 

Page Tags

Finding the information you’re looking for just got even easier. Our new Page Tags feature gives you the ability to categorize and manage your content by tagging it with easy-to-remember keywords, so you can quickly find the relevant information.

To use Page Tags, simply select or create a new tag at the bottom of each page you create. You can then use the search function or click on an existing tag to search for all content within that category.

Restoring Deleted Pages

We’ve all had that moment where we’ve accidentally deleted something we shouldn’t have! Thankfully, we’ve now introduced the capability to view and restore items that have been deleted in Teamwork Spaces for up to 30 days after deletion. Simply click the Options menu and select ‘Trash’ from the dropdown menu, where you can choose from accessing, restoring or permanently deleting the page. 


We’ve added two exciting new widgets to Teamwork Spaces: Draw.io and Checklist. 

Use the Draw.io widget to create and insert professional diagrams into your spaces, such as process flows, org charts, seating plans and more. 

With the Checklist widget, you can plan and organize your to dos and meeting actions. Just add the widget to your page from the Page Editor toolbar, create your checklist, and enjoy the satisfaction of checking each one off the list.

Both widgets can be accessed from the toolbar on the top of the page you are editing. 

Microsoft Word importer 

Save time moving all of your old documents into Teamwork Spaces with the new Microsoft Word Importer. Simply drag and drop the Microsoft Word file onto the Teamwork Spaces page editor, and the document will be imported onto the Spaces page. 

Banner image 

Make your pages more engaging with custom banner images. Add custom banners to individual pages within your Space to help them stand out. Simply select Add banner from within Page Settings to add some flair.

Page Version History

Quickly see who added what to each document with Page Version History. See which edits were made and when, and ensure that you’re always working from the most up-to-date and relevant version of a document. Page Version History allows you to track and view the history of changes to each page — and restore a previous version if needed. 

New Starter Plan

We recently released a new Starter Plan for Teamwork Spaces. This is ideal for small teams of 1-5 people who are looking for a centralized workspace to collaborate on, organize, and store all of their important content and documentation, so your teams can stay up to date and informed.

Have you tried any of these new features yet? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Let us know at spaces@teamwork.com