Following on from the introduction of notifications to Teamwork CRM and the enhancement to our filters last month, we’re closing out the year by enhancing the functionality of our custom fields along with improving our integration with Teamwork by allowing you to sync your CRM companies and contacts with your Teamwork projects.

Within Teamwork CRM, you can use custom fields to tailor different forms to your needs. You can utilize these forms to add new data related to leads, opportunities, contacts and companies. As you know these custom fields can be created via the Customize Forms section of your site settings.

Now you can reorder your custom fields through the Customize Forms page, enabling you to decide on which fields should be displayed first. This advancement helps you to set up Teamwork CRM so it maps to your process, capturing the data as you need it, to help make your sales team as effective as possible. 

To reorder the fields, simply click and drag the handle to the left of the relevant field and drop it to a new position within your list. 

Reorder custom fields

We're constantly improving our integration with the suite of Teamwork products and this month our focus was on Teamwork, our project management software. 

Now, when you create a project from a lead or an opportunity, the company and contact associated with the deal will first be created in your Teamwork site. In conjunction with this, they will also be automatically added to the Teamwork project, removing the need for your team to be inputting manual entries into our platform, therefore saving them time and enabling them to focus on closing deals.  

We hope you like these improvements, as always do share your feedback with us in the comments section below or email us at Happy Holidays!