Over the past few months, the Teamwork CRM engineers have been dedicating most of their time to several significant features. Our new email integration that is currently in beta, our company and contact sync with Teamwork, and the introduction of notifications are just some of the features that you will soon be able to avail of!

While those items have been our main focus, we have also released some really valuable features to Teamwork CRM. 

Here are three such items that we have recently added:

The current economic climate has proven challenging for many customers, and that’s why it’s more important now more than ever that sales teams are working all the leads and opportunities they have in their pipelines.

That’s why we’ve introduced our new Rotting Solution. By its nature, the solution ensures that every deal is being thoroughly worked and that nothing is left on the table and deals aren’t falling through the cracks.

You can set the rotting period for each pipeline stage in the pipeline configuration area in your settings. For example, you can set it to 3 days or 3 weeks depending on the average velocity of your sales cycle. The deal will be considered rotting if it remains in a particular pipeline stage without activity for over the allotted time period. Once it exceeds the rotting time threshold, you’ll easily be able to identify the rotting deal as it will be highlighted in both your board and list views.

This visual cue will direct your sales reps to these deals where they can take the necessary actions to ensure your deals get back on track and increase revenue for your business.

Sales Rotting Solution

It is imperative that every company understands how long it takes for them to close deals, so they can identify the opportunities and the gaps within their sales process.

That is why we have introduced Velocity Reports to Teamwork CRM. You now have the ability to track the average time it takes for closed deals to go through all the stages of the pipeline. It also allows you to compare owners or stages versus the number of days. These insights are key so you can continuously improve your sales process.

The Velocity Reports are located within the Company subsection of the Reports area. You can select to view the leads or opportunities velocity report from the left navigation pane. Note that the report is based on closed deals, therefore you will be reporting on leads or opportunities that were qualified/won or lost during the selected timeframe. Easily customize your view using the dropdown filter at the top of the reports area, so you are only including the information that applies to your needs. 

If you want to share this insight with stakeholders within your business, you can simply click on the download button to export your report.

Velocity reports

We are constantly improving our integrations with the Teamwork Suite and we’ve just enhanced our integration with Teamwork Desk. Now you can create a lead, opportunity, or contact from directly within a Teamwork Desk ticket. 

Save time and simply click on the Add button to create a new lead or opportunity within Teamwork Desk. Once you populate all the appropriate fields, click on the add button at the bottom of the modal, here your deal will automatically be added to the ticket options sidebar and more importantly you will be able to view the new details in your relevant pipeline within Teamwork CRM.

add a lead

As earlier mentioned we are on the cusp of releasing even more highly valuable features, so stay tuned for our next update and as always if you have any feedback, we would be delighted to hear from you at crm@teamwork.com.