With just over a month to go in 2020, our Product teams have synopsized some of the key features that have already been released this quarter and in addition, are highlighting what you have yet to see come into your product by the end of 2020, in these quick video updates.

First up we have Teamwork where our customer champion Jane Aston brings you through the benefits of the recently released Resource Scheduling feature. We understand that when you are about to plan your projects it is essential that you know the availability of your employees. This function, therefore, enables you to have a helicopter view of what your team is already committed to so you can realistically plan your projects.

Next, we have client users. We know many of our customers, work very closely with their clients and now you have the ability to easily bring clients into your projects within Teamwork, with the full use of the functionality at no additional cost. Collaborating with clients is now simpler than ever before as they can easily create tasks, log time, add messages, and seamlessly collaborate with you.

Lastly, Jane gives a sneak peek into what is coming later in the quarter! Soon, you are going to see the first pre-canned report in Teamwork - Project Health Report. At a glance, you will see the overall health of your project from the percentage completion of tasks to what budget has been used and what budget remains - all from within one place.

James Kehoe, Product Manager, introduces the improved time tracking feature in Teamwork Desk which allows you to track, report, and bill for your team’s time working on client requests.

Next James highlights the array of new integrations in Teamwork Desk:

  • Mailchimp - Add your leads or customers to your Mailchimp audience, to ensure they receive the appropriate email campaign.

  • Delighted - Link your Teamwork Desk account with Delighted to generate NPS, CSAT, CES, and 5-star rating surveys.

We want to know what integrations you would like to see added to Teamwork Desk - if you have any suggestions, please leave your feedback here.

In addition, James also speaks to our new Inbox Administrator permission type. Now you can keep private communications – private, by granting senior agents and team leads more control over inbox options such as triggers, canned responses, and inbox permissions for individual inboxes.

Coming soon, is one of the most requested features for Teamwork Desk. Soon to be released is Business Hours, will allow you to set your company’s working hours and therefore offer and bill for different levels of support for your clients.

Donal Linehan, Product Lead, announces the exciting news for Teamwork Chat - video calls have just been released. There is zero doubt about the need and benefit of being able to go on a face-to-face call with your colleague, team, or client and now you can do this from directly within any of the Teamwork products.

Next up, we have Richard Fletcher, the Product Manager for Teamwork Spaces. Richard shares the valuable new role that has recently been introduced to Teamwork Spaces - Space Manager Role. This role gives you more control over your user permissions and the management of all the spaces across your organization, by being able to manage the invite of new users into your space.

Following on from the Space Manager role is the addition of the new space category feature. Deemed the number one feature requested by customers, the space category feature gives you the ability to create a category on your dashboard so you can group your spaces into their relevant categories.

Finally, Richard touches on the now recently released reorder page functionality. This new functionality allows you to reorder and nest pages under one another on your sidebar, saving you time navigating to and from the space reorder section

Mike Butler, Team Lead of our mobile team, talks about the enhancements on our mobile beta app. To begin he goes through the improvements to the board view within mobile, just like the desktop the cards are now easy to drag and drop between the different boards with each board having a different colour to easily identify which column you are on.

Next up are timers, set the timers on your desktop and they are live in the app, you can pause, log and edit all from within the mobile app. Go to your global home to see all of your timers and you can quickly note what is paused, active or running.

Last but not least for mobile is the improvements to the People Screen. We’ve added a number of new cards: Tasks - see what tasks are late, upcoming and are due today Logged time - instantly see what hours you have logged for the week

Coming soon are reminders, from a task you will be able to do all the normal reminders that you can currently do on your desktop, and you will be able to go to the notifications or the activity, swipe on it and have it remind you in e.g 10 minutes - to ensure you do not miss anything important.

If you would like to test out these new features, download the beta app for android or iOS, or learn more here.

Finally, Robin O’Sullivan, Product Manager for Teamwork CRM introduces the Deal Rotting Solution - it’s a lot nicer than what it sounds, we promise. This solution allows you to set a time for when a deal should have progressed through your pipeline, if there is no activity by this date, the deal will change color to signify that your team needs to actively work on this deal to progress it through the pipeline and drive revenue for your business.

Robin also highlights the benefit of the new custom Activity Types, this allows you to rename the activity types, so you can use the language that your business uses ensuring Teamwork CRM mirrors your work style.

Robin also shares the exciting news about what is coming very soon. First, the Email Integration will be live once the Google certification is completed and in addition to this is the email notifications will be released in the coming weeks alongside the recently released bell notification and the option to follow specific deals or activities.

We hope you enjoy using all these new features and as always if you have any questions or comments, please comment below or contact us at support@teamwork.com.