Webp support added to Teamwork Projects | Teamwork Projects
As you know, we are committed to providing you a really fast user interface; for this reason, we’ve just rolled out a new image format called Webp across Teamwork Projects. The new file format allows the images that make up the Teamwork Projects interface to load up to 50% faster… with the net effect that Teamwork Projects is much faster when you load it up for the first time.
Google recently announced a new format for images on the web… they call the new format Webp (pronounced “weppy” apparently). We were very excited about this when we watched the recent Google IO event.

What is Webp?

Here’s how Google Developers describe Webp.

Backwards compatibility

We rolled out support for Webp in a way that allows older browsers to fall back to standard .png files. So if you’re still stuck with Internet Explorer 7 (why, why?), then everything will seem the same. But those of you with Google or Opera (and Firefox soon) will enjoy a faster web.
Well, that’s it. Short and sweet. And as always, thanks for using Teamwork Projects!