After many months of work we have now finished and launched the referral program we promised you all.  To find your new referral page, scroll down to the bottom of your TeamworkPM account and you will see a new link on the bottom right called “Refer TeamworkPM”.
Over the last few months, we spent a lot of time looking at a whole load of sites which offered all different types of affiliate systems. We have tried to take the best parts from all these different sites and then use these ideas to create a really nice, simple to use system that doesn’t require any real work on your side. You can put in as much or as little time as you want into promoting TeamworkPM.
You can quickly use one of our social share options to easily send out a tweet or post a message to your facebook account. You can also use the quick email option to send a few contact your link to give TeamworkPM a go.
Teamwork Projects Referral Program
Track all your referrals from your account home page.
Once you have sent out your links, or used one of our pre-made banners on your blog or website to send people through to us, you can then use the referral homepage to keep track of all the people that signed up using your links.  Once they sign up to a paid account you start to share in the revenue they generate. Now how easy is that?
There is no limit on the total earnings you can make using the referral program or the number of subscribers you may enroll. The only limit we have is that you share the revenue for a maximum of 12 months per customer. But during this time if they move from a Personal account up to an Enterprise account your amount also goes up, so basically you earn 25% of whatever we earn from that user for a whole year.
Teamwork Projects Referral Program
Teamwork Projects Referral Program
To get started, scroll down to the  “Refer TeamworkPM” link. In here you will find all your unique referral links and media. Use the social media links to send out quick messages, or place one of our pre-made banners onto your web page. You will also find your direct referral URL which you can use if you wish to make your own banners, or if you wish to create text links within a blog post or website article.