It’s my favorite time of the week again – update time!
Based on lots of feedback and suggestions (some old, some new) we have knocked a few items on the head and rolled them out live.
What’s new?

  • Calendar: If the event end date is past the current time of day we now slightly gray the event title and time so you can focus on what’s next
  • Calendar: A very popular request was the ability to see tasks per day on the Calendar without having to click off to another page. We have now added this ability by hovering your mouse over the task count for the day.
  • Tasks: If you hover over the time icon on a task we now pop-up a little tool tip showing you how much time has been logged so far21391639-moz-screenshot-134
  • All Time: Custom report now has the option to pick an arbitrary number of projects to run the report against, all grouped nicely by Company.
    Custom report update - Teamwork Projects 2011
  • Project Name: Some people have the same project name for multiple projects but for different companies. We now list the company name next to the project name where the project name may be ambiguous
  • Time: You can now associate time entries with a task in the Time tab. Previously, you had to log the time from the Task options menu. We added this for new time entries and when you edit a time entry
  • Resources: We added a sort option (Sort by either date added or name)
    Sort by date added or name -Teamwork Projects Update 2011
  • Project Report: If Start and End dates are set on a project we also include them in the project report

What’s fixed?

  • Backup download link in Internet Explorer wasn’t working
  • Milestones were missing in some backups for some users
  • We added a handy new rule for Teamwork sites that used to be SSL but are now Custom Domains. Users no longer get presented with an SSL error
  • Basecamp Import: There was some funkiness happening with some imports which have now been resolved
  • We improved the display of the Project Report late items when they are late due to a Milestone being late
  • We now remember the person picked in the Time filter to make it easier when filtering to edit time entries.
  • We darkened the “Un-Pinned” task list icon so it is more visible on the majority of screens
  • Recurring Events in the Calendar got a lot of love and work 100% now. We had a slight calculation error that caused many of our customers to get gray hair…

Thanks to everyone who sent us feedback and suggestions! We have some more on the way that didn’t make it into this release!