I came across this video because of another video which is making it’s way around th net at the moment called, PEOPLE ARE AWESOME. In this video it shows a guy running across water. I know some people are awesome but I thought that might just be stretching it a bit. So I did a search for walking on water and found the video about a new sport called “Liquid Mountaineering” The video below is them demonstrating the new extreme sport.

Right so after watching that video and a few other videos of people trying their best to run on water with no success, I did a bit more searching round and found the video called “Making of Hi Tec Liquid Mountainerring” After two weeks  of worldwide buzz, Hi Tec decided to come clean and reveal that they were behind the ‘Liquid Mountaineering’ viral video.
It’s a great example of just how creative you can be these day in business when you have the power of social media and the internet.