One of the parts I love about my job is getting the chance to talk to all the different types of companies and organizations that use Teamwork Projects. It gives us a great insight into how people use our system and it gives us the chance to hear both the bad and the good points about the software.
When we started out we never really gave much thought to users outside of company settings using Teamwork Projects. As time goes on, it’s great to hear stories from people who have used Teamwork Projects to arrange their weddings, parties, moving homes and even students using us to help organize their study groups. If only I had been that organized when I was in school!
Recently we have started to get a lot of sporting organizations using Teamwork Projects to help them run and keep on top of all the administration that goes into running a club.
I recently had the chance to talk to Dan Griffin who is president of the Yamba football club in Australia, about how they use Teamwork Projects.
This is what Dan had to say:
The Yamba Football Club has used Teamwork for over two years. The club was in need of a management resource that could improve communication and the management of our club and Teamwork Projects provided.

 Any small organization is time poor and this is amplified when volunteers run the organization.
For this reason, Teamwork Projects become central to the functioning of our club. Communication is no longer a two-way process, it is now a recorded discussion. Club documents are uploaded to the site, ensuring that all members can access the central storage space. The notebooks are used for the development of the club. Milestones have been established to enable yearly reminders for committee members taking up new roles.
The Yamba Football Club - Teamwork Projects
The Yamba Football Club - Teamwork Projects
The Yamba Football Club - Teamwork Projects
The Yamba Football Club - Teamwork Projects
A central portal for all club information is essential for the organization’s succession planning. More generally the introduction of Teamwork Projects has helped the club to run smoother and more professionally. This is in evidence recent recognition throughout our association.
Keep up the good work!
Dan Griffin
Yamba FC
The Yamba Football Club - Teamwork Projects