When we started to build TeamworkPM we built it primarily to scratch our own itch. As the product progressed, and we added features that helped us, we used to think of how proud we’d be knowing that our software would be out in the real world helping other companies manage their projects.
I don’t think any of us here thought that our system would actually be used to help  make some peoples’ lives better in the world, or to give those who need a hand in life a better chance.
We received the email below from Mark Pluimer in Mission of Mercy letting us know that TeamworkPM has been of huge benefit to them. It was a great email to get and we’re delighted that our work makes their great work easier.
Mission of Mercy
Mission of Mercy
This is the email I received last week from Mark:

Mission of Mercy is a child development organization with 40,000 children in 17 countries.  As a child sponsorship organization, we’re small, but we play a vital role in the lives of the children.  It is not uncommon to have several members of our team traveling out of country at the same time.  We have been searching for a solution to the endless cycle of emails and attachments, and after testing several platforms, made the decision to go with TeamworkPM.  We are thrilled with the decision.  One of the first projects was a communications piece that was under a tight deadline.  The revisions were able to be posted on TeamworkPM with each team member being able to add comments.  The final revision was signed off on by our Marketing Director, who was in Kenya, and I gave final approval on my iPad from India!
We started out with just a handful of projects.  By the end of the first month, we were at 25 and growing, as each of our leaders is finding it useful for projects within their departments.  It is already helping us become more efficient and effective in our communication.  As President, I can now review projects underway, ask or answer questions, grant approvals or reorder priorities regardless of my location.  I’ve added discussion projects for our Executive team, with files, notebooks and resources online.  This gives everyone a chance to review pertinent discussions and related information, as well as to make discussion comments prior to any meeting.  We’re much better prepared for decision-making in our meetings.
Mission of Mercy
You staff has been very responsive to our questions, and you even updated a couple of features at the request of our MIS staff.  You can’t ask for more than that.  With a mixed environment of PCs, Macs, iPhones and iPads, it has been a great benefit for our organization.  We are looking at working with some of our national leaders in different countries through TeamworkPM, as well.  Ultimately, though, whenever we can work more effectively, it benefits the children we serve.  Thank you for the role you play in our organization.
Because One Child Matters,
Mark Pluimer
Mission of Mercy, 15475 Gleneagle Drive, 
Colorado Springs,
CO 80921

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