Buffalo Fundraising Consultants provide personal, flexible and transparent fundraising solutions for the not-for-profit sector. Our areas of expertise include feasibility studies, telethon audits, and a wide variety of telephone fundraising services. We work closely with our clients to tailor the services we offer to the individual client and work in partnership with them to produce the best results.
Buffalo Fundraising Consultants
Teamwork Projects has been invaluable in assisting us organize our workload, as well as helping us work together with our clients towards their goals.
“With Teamwork Projects we are able to manage our projects online, breaking them down into manageable tasks. This not only enables both us and the client to ensure we are on track, and plan the upcoming workload appropriately, but also allows us to do this remotely when away from the office. With many clients and projects running concurrently, it also allows the company directors to keep a close eye on the company’s performance.
“In the past, the company used paper-based methods for project management, but this does not compare to the ease of using Teamwork Projects. With the paper-based system it was difficult to keep our clients up-to-date with progress and inflexible when needing to change dates. The paper system was also less environmentally friendly.
“Before finding Teamwork Projects, the company trialled several other alternatives, none of which offered the quality of service and ease of use that Teamwork Projects offers.
“Teamwork Projects are a pleasure to work with and we look forward to all the exciting new features the Teamwork.com guys are working on.”
James Hairsnape
Campaign Manager
Buffalo Fundraising Consultants Ltd
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