Palm Bay International is a major US importer and marketer of fine wines and spirits from around the world. With more than 250 employees, they partner with family-owned wineries and distilleries worldwide to bring deeply authentic products directly from the sources.
In this case study, find out why the company turned to Teamwork Projects for Enterprise to manage branding activities for emerging wine and spirit labels.

The Challenge

Palm Bay International, North America’s leading provider and distributor of imported premium wine and spirits.

Chris Jones is the National Director for Pinnacle Brands, a division within Palm Bay International which manages branding activities for up and coming wine and spirits labels. When Chris was given the responsibility of heading up the new division, his team primarily depended on email and the Microsoft Office suite for managing clients’ branding projects. However this approach lead to endless loops of CC: messages and document revisions which occasionally were lost in the depths of inboxes.
As Pinnacle’s reputation for providing quality branding services gained momentum, Chris and his team experienced a massive influx in their workload. With strict go-to-market deadlines to meet, they were struggling to stay organized.
Chris knew that he needed a way for his existing team to increase output, but he recognized that email and Excel weren’t designed to manage multiple branding projects at once. In order to develop a well-organized and systematic process, Chris realized that full-featured project management software was needed.

The Solution

Chris has transformed the way Pinnacle Brands manages branding activities by using Teamwork Projects, which allows him to set key milestones for each branding project, assign tasks to his team, and track progress. This approach gives team members clear direction to focus on their individual tasks while he maintains a more strategic focus on the overall goals of each project.
Rather than reinventing the wheel for each new branding project, Chris has used the project and task list templates features in Teamwork Projects to standardize processes. Within a single click, Chris has a solid framework for each project which saves him an enormous amount of time planning projects–and helps him deliver more consistent results.

“Getting consistent results with project delivery requires consistent actions. Even though there are different objectives for each branding project, Teamwork Projects has made it possible for us to standardize how we manage projects.”

Before Teamwork Projects, the Pinnacle team required frequent meetings and excessive email CCing to facilitate the level of communication needed to keep projects on track. The software ensures that each team member can now participate in discussions and stay up to date on project progress in a single ecosystem. In addition, file management features in Teamwork Projects provide the team with a central location for storing, organizing, and sharing project-related documents.

The Benefits

Teamwork Projects Dashboard

For Chris, the ultimate benefit of Teamwork Projects for Enterprise is that it helps him onboard more branding projects without the need for additional staff. Thanks to task organization and tracking, Pinnacle Brands can now leverage the strengths and resources in each department of its parent company, Palm Bay.

“Delegation and communication are the keys to success when it comes to managing multiple projects simultaneously. Teamwork Projects makes it possible to do both more effectively.”

Using Teamwork Projects and a single project manager, Pinnacle Brands has been able to better utilize contributions from existing departments within Palm Bay International to assist an expanding list of clients. The robust reporting features built into Teamwork Projects allow Chris to get a complete, real-time view into the progress of each branding project and identify issues before they lead to project delays. The reporting features also enable smooth collaboration, which has led to fewer delays and more on-time project completions.

“Teamwork Projects gives Pinnacle Brands the ability to have a single person managing multiple brand development projects–and ensure 100% project execution with delivery to clients that is on time and on point.”