Good news, Teamworkers! We have a host of cool updates coming your way once again.
Since our last 12 great updates post we’ve been busy.

  • We’ve tweaked some features and generally enhanced the overall performance by smoothing out some small inconsistencies between different parts of the app.
  • We released the Teamwork Projects Document Editor  and made EU hosting available across all three of our products.

All of this and we’ve got 10 new updates for you to sink your teeth into:
1.Markdown/Formatted Descriptions
Like many of you, we love using Markdown at It offers us a quick way to format text without using a text editor.
While we love adding new features to our product, it’s equally important that we keep improving on our current set of features. After recently adding Markdown on notebooks we found one of the most common requests we were getting from our customers was to allow Markdown formatting for descriptions on projects, tasks, task lists, and more. This is now available and now all users on TKO can create beautifully formatted descriptions on tasks, task lists, projects, milestones, links, notebooks and files.  
November Updates Teamwork Projects
November Updates Teamwork Projects
For those of you who are unfamiliar with Markdown and want to learn more, there are some great online resources to do so.
2.Stacked Quick Views
In the most recent version of Teamwork Projects, we really wanted to try and improve our users’ overall experience while working with the app. One of the ways we are doing this is to make better use of quick views.
We recognize  that generally, when you click on a link, it is quicker to simply quick view that item rather than leaving the page entirely. However, in the past it was possible to quick view one link at a time only. This meant that often time you would have to leave your page to accomplish your work properly.
We just created a better system. Not only have we added quick view behavior in more places, but we have also designed a new stackable quick view behaviour. Now if you quick view a task list and then want to take another step to view tasks and then sub tasks, quick views will simply stack on top of one another. Another great improvement here is that while you are quick viewing an item, the URL will also change so that you can easily share that URL with others. See stacked quick views in action: 

Tip: If you want to get a full screen view of the current quick view, we have added a little shortcut to do so. Simply hold the Shift key and mouse over the close icon in the top right corner. The icon should change to an Expand icon and clicking on it in that state will then bring you to that page exactly, closing all quick views in the process. 
3.File Locking/Unlocking
As mentioned in our last update, we have now added a method for users to lock and unlock files.
Files in Teamwork Projects is a really powerful feature. In one place you can upload, manage and even link documents from external sources like, Dropbox and Google Drive. Users can also upload new versions of files, preview them and discuss them with their team. Sometimes however, there will be cases when you don’t want other people on your team changing a file.
Locking a file now means that it is protected from users so that it can’t be edited or removed from a project – offering our customers an additional protective layer. Don’t worry though — any locked file can still be forcibly unlocked by administrators
Document Editor Lock Feature Teamwork Projects
File unlocking Teamwork Projects Document Editor
4.File Integrations Improvements
Speaking of files, we have now added some great improvements to our Drive, and Dropbox integrations in Teamwork Projects. Our integration was limited in the past, but we are now striving to bring this to a new level.
We have now added search and paging to all file integrations in Teamwork Projects, meaning that you no longer have to trawl through a list of files or folders and can quickly find exactly what it is that you are looking for. We have also made some improvements to the user interface, adding a new feature that allows you to make a copy of a file.
File Integrations Teamwork Projects
5.Message Splitting and UI Improvements
The Messages feature in Teamwork Projects is invaluable when communicating with colleagues and clients alike. We recognize this and are continually trying to improve it for our customers.
We have added subtle UI improvements as well as a small feature enhancement. For example, hovering over a message or reply will now show an Options dropdown from which you can delete a message or reply, modify its properties (change who created the message and when it was sent) or split a message into a new thread.
Sometimes a thread of messages and replies can deviate from the original topic. To combat this we have now added a subtle but key feature to messages, which allows users to create a new message from a reply. With this improvement you can keep discussions on track without losing valuable input from colleagues. See message splitting in action: 

Message Splitting Teamwork Projects
Message Splitting Teamwork Projects
Message Splitting Teamwork Projects
6.”Notify By Email” Redesign
Notifications are a hugely important feature in Teamwork Projects. For a long time however, our interface has made it somewhat difficult to tell who would and wouldn’t be notified.
We have now redesigned the way in which users are selected, removed and listed when adding and editing items. The new design makes it more obvious who will be notified, makes it easier to remove individuals from the list and includes a small avatar to help differentiate between similarly named people.
Notify by email Teamwork Projects
7.Noise Reduction
Many of our customers use Teamwork Projects all day to manage their processes, workflows and more.
We offer the power to notify your colleagues of a wide variety of actions, whether it’s adding a comment, sending a message, creating a new notebook or simply updating a file’s name or description. This can result in a lot of noise including push notifications and emails being sent, however. To prevent this we have made some important changes.
Now, by default you will have to manually choose to notify yourself when creating or editing an item in Teamwork Projects. Similarly, we have changed the behavior when creating tasks so that the “Notify by Email” option is only available if a user has selected an assignee for the task. This prevents everyone on the project being alerted when a new task is created. We find that these changes have been key to reducing daily distractions and allow us to focus on what’s most important — our work and crucial notifications.
8.Privacy Quick Search
The Privacy settings in Teamwork Projects are really powerful and offer unparalleled granularity. Sometimes though, it can be difficult to set privacy on an item if there is a long list of users to select from.
To help with this, we have added a useful quick search option to the privacy control that enables our users to search and select anyone by name. This small change should have a big impact, especially for big organizations.
Privacy quick search Teamwork Projects
9.Quick Tag Search
Since their introduction, tags have become one of our most popular features. We’ve made a small but effective addition to tags that will prove really useful to anyone who uses this feature.
In selected areas you can now search a list of items for a specific tag by simply pressing “F” while hovering over a tag. When using they keyboard shortcut, the list you are viewing will then become filtered by the tag in question. This behavior is currently supported on the tasks, milestones, messages, files, notebooks and links pages on a project.
Filtered Tags Teamwork Projects
10.Bulk Edit Tasks – Add/Modify Tags
One of the areas we wanted to focus on with the latest version of Teamwork Projects was the Bulk Edit Tasks feature. We have now added the ability to modify tags on tasks in bulk. To try this out, simply click the options dropdown on a task or task list and then choose the Bulk Edit tasks option.
The addition of these features and updates should hopefully improve how you interact with Teamwork Projects and boost your productivity even further. We have more great updates on the way very soon. One thing to note we will soon be moving all users over to the most recent version of Teamwork Projects so that everyone can reap the benefits of TKO. See the bulk edit feature in action:

Have you been making use of one of or all of the above? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment below or send your feedback to support@teamworkcom.