Lick of paint for


I’ve just got Fiona to add icons to the 3 badges on the home page
Looks good methinks.


Going to have to add in a killer money somewhere..


API – Authenticate request more powerful


One iPhone developer asked that we have a simple authentication request that based on the users unique API key would provide him with the site code… so I added that in! See, we do listen! Now “GET /authenticate.xml” can be invoked on any Teamwork address such as “” and it will send back details about the user and the Teamwork Site.


This will be very handy allowing app developers to request just the API token from the user and nothing else.


I will be working on shorter more memorable API tokens to make it easier for the end user to enter into the likes of an iPhone app.


API – Project Name returned on most calls


Mike, our friendly iPhone app developer begged me to add in the project name to a few of the task list API calls so I’ve done just that.


If there are other similar changes you need, just let us know.