Today we updated the live app to include some important features requested.
Features rolled out today include:

  • Ability to “Pin” a task list so it never closes.
  • New method of Collapsing/Expanding a task list – Move it from Task List options to an icon on the List title
  • Ability to save a task list as a Task List Template
  • Messages: From now on, you will be able to see per “Message Post” who received a notification email
  • Time Reports now show include the company name so you can easily distinguish between projects with the same name
  • A new Filter option of “Tomorrow” added to the Everything – All Tasks page
  • A new option to quickly make all tasks in a list private has been added
  • Added the ability to create a task from the Late/Upcoming/Today tabs on Dashboard and Project Overview
  • Changed the behavior of the Tab key in Notebook WYSIWYG editor so it indents list items
  • Added the ability to see completed task lists attached to Milestones. Previously we only showed active task lists
  • Modified the message post listing page to be neater and easier to digest

Bug Fixes rolled out today include:

  • Fixed an issue where the iPhone zoomed the text which made getting your API key impossible in the app
  • Exporting invoices to Harvest if the Invoice name included an ampersand resulted in a failure
  • Daily Emails sent to Timezones GMT + 12 showed an incorrect date for the report
  • Daily Emails sent to Timezones GMT + 12 did not send on Mondays (as from our perspective it was Sunday)
  • Calendar : Default start time was not in the user’s timezone but at GMT
  • Files uploaded from Mac or Linux that had non-Windows compliant characters failed. Such as “|”
  • Fixed an issue where the custom message was not included in invites to users when a user was created
  • Fixed an issue on iPhone/iPad where content was in a scrollable div. iOS doesn’t support overflow:auto

There a few other small tweaks and improvements that are not that visible but important nonetheless.
Hope you enjoy these improvements.