UPDATE: Thank’s for your patience, we’re back in full action for all customers. Sorry again for the disruption to those of you who were affected. Those responsible are currently being punished.
We’re currently experiencing an issue that’s affecting a limited number of our customers but anything that affects even one user is an emergency here as far as we’re concerned.
As you’ll be aware at the start of this year we transitioned from our old teamworkpm.net domain to our new teamwork.com domain. As you can imagine this necessitated a lot of behind the scenes technical work in terms of updating various security settings and certifications. We actually put in a lot of work preparing for this, but clearly something has not gone as planned and we’re seeing something go wrong today with some of the work we’ve put in. Don’t worry we’ve previously put measures into place to ensure the safety and security of all of your teamwork data. This isn’t one of those data breach events – this is just a tiny gremlin in the works that we’re currently dealing with and expect a resolution to very shortly. We’ve already put measures in place to prevent any future reoccurrence.
We’d like to sincerely apologize for any inconvenience to those affected but be assured we’re nearly there in terms of fixing this issue. #sorry