The new Start Date field has also brought a slight adjustment to the quick date picker under a Due/Start Date when Adding or Editing a task.

When we added the Start Date to the task form we wanted the form to remain clean and tight.

The quick links underneath the date input were quite long. We had a one-click option to set the date to Today, Tomorrow, Next Week, Next Month or No Date. On a Friday, Saturday or Sunday we also gave a quick set function for Next Monday. With 2 date inputs side by side the form started to look complicated and messy.
Update: Changes to task date input shortcuts
Initially we simply cut the available options down to 3. Today, Tomorrow and No Date but as we used the new implementation it was apparent that the reduction in options was going to be a problem. It may seem like a small thing but usually small changes have the biggest impact!
We took another look at it and decided that Next Week was definitely an option we’d like to keep. To try and reduce the space that these took up we renamed it to “+1 Week” and added it back in. We had plans to add a drop-down in the coming days to give access to more options.
We thought we had it nailed but feedback started to come in that people assumed “+1 Week” meant that the date would keep accumulating with each click. This makes sense as the language we used implied that a week would keep being added.
As I mentioned we had planned to add a drop down so we could still give the option of Next Month, 2 Months time, 6 Months time etc but we actually had a perfect solution staring us in the face! Why not change the “+1 Week” to accumulate the date with each press! Now with one option a person can postpone a task by as many weeks as they like without having to go through drop-down menus!
Update: Changes to task date input shortcuts
So far this has been working really well and we’re considering changing “Tomorrow” to “+1 day” so with a couple of clicks a person can postpone a task date by any number of days. We’d love to know if this is something you think we should add so let us know in the comments!