Triggers in Teamwork Desk is our big feature for the month of July. Having run our own support desk around the clock for the last nine years, we understand the important features needed to make sure your interactions with customers are as efficient and useful as possible.

Introducing Triggers!

The situations where you can apply Triggers within Teamwork Desk are numerous. Make managing your customer e-mails a little easier on yourself by applying Triggers to certain situations that happen once every so often or occur frequently. This is an invaluable feature to automate specific actions. When e-mail volume is high and time or resources are limited, using triggers to manage your tickets as you see fit will save you a lot of hassle and effort. With Triggers, you can automatically assign tickets to certain agents, add tags, send e-mails to customers or agents, and a whole lot more. Simply apply a condition and suggest an action, e.g. if ticket a contains x then assign it to y.
We have created a really useful video to explain the steps. Watch it here and begin applying your Triggers within Teamwork Desk.