End time added to the log time option.
Today we have made a change to the log time option within your projects. We have added the ability to enter an end time for the time entry.
Before: We had the option of setting a start time, when you first logged time within the project, you would have seen the time set to when you are logging it. Then depending on the amount of time that you add, we would automatically use this as the end time, adjusting the start time by the amount added.

Now: We have given you more control over this when logging time, as you can see both the Start and End time. Your End Time, will still take from the current time set and the Start time will be adjusted, by what you enter, or we can automatically calculate the time spent for you, if you adjust the start/end time.


  • If the time crosses to a new day, we blank the end time, the reason for this is a time entry can only have one date.
  • If you update the start time, the end time will not adjust, the time logged will be updated.
  • If you edit the end time, the start time will not adjust, the time logged will be updated.
  • Start and end time entries are posted in 5 minute increments.