We’ve just launched our fifth product, Teamwork CRM! We’ve been working hard on it behind the scenes for quite some time now, and we’re really excited about this next move. There are two big reasons that we knew a CRM was the next big step for us. Firstly: we were using other CRMs internally to manage our sales process, and finding flaws that meant they didn’t fit our workflow. We knew that we could make a great CRM that would address our — and other teams’ — pain points and add something unique. And secondly: it was the product we needed to close the loop and make Teamwork the one platform your team needs to run your business.

Over the last few years, we noticed that our customers were consistently requesting a CRM. What’s more, we could relate to their frustrations with their existing CRMs. From using the market leaders ourselves, we found them clunky and cumbersome, difficult to use, and not nearly detailed enough in their reporting. Not only that, but configuring and managing the tool itself was taking up more time than the daily requirements of configuring reports and managing deals. We believe that your sales CRM software should make it easy for you to see the big picture of your pipeline, so that your whole team can get the insights that matter, quickly. And you shouldn’t need to dedicate a full-time member of staff to the rollout and upkeep.   We took all of this into account when we were speccing out and creating Teamwork CRM. We built it with customer feedback in mind, and with heavy involvement from our own Sales team. To start with, we wanted something simple and easy-to-use, with a clean, beautiful interface. Something that anyone on the team could dive right into and intuitively know where to go and what to do next. Another key priority was a strong focus on reporting. We know how important it is for growing companies to get detailed reports on sales so they can better forecast revenue and quickly pinpoint areas for improvement. With that in mind, we added the ability to split leads and opportunities, to give your Sales team a better vantage point over their pipeline and to let them get even more granular on reports. And of course it had to work together beautifully with everything else in the Teamwork suite (more on that here). In essence, we wanted to make the kind of sales CRM software that can help growing businesses scale without needing to invest a lot of time or money in new hires or training; something that lets you hit the ground running, straight away; and something that can help you to formalize your sales process and iterate on your successes. We think it’s going to be a great fit for teams who are ready to take the next step in growing their bottom line, as well as for Teamwork users who want to close the loop and keep all of their data flowing on the same system. Learn the benefits of Teamwork CRM here:

The suite spot

But here’s the thing: we know that the CRM market is crowded. Or, to put it more bluntly: the world didn’t need another CRM. So why did we decide to build one anyway? For us, Teamwork CRM wasn’t just about creating another CRM (although like we say, we have big plans for ours). It was also about putting the final piece of the puzzle in place so we could accomplish our bigger vision: a full product suite that supports you from beginning to end. With this latest addition to our products, we can do just that. From that first initial contact with a prospect or lead in Teamwork CRM, the Teamwork suite will enable you to have one continuous, integrated flow of progress, throughout every stage of your (and your customer’s) journey. Now, you can manage your ongoing work for that client in Teamwork Projects, support them via Teamwork Desk, keep your team’s essential information consolidated in Teamwork Spaces, and communicate throughout the process using Teamwork Chat — without breaking your workflow or slowing down your progress. No more replicating (and losing) information across disparate, disconnected tools. No more fumbling with 18 different passwords for 18 different apps. Our vision is to make a seamless, connected, integrated platform that gets out of your way and complements the way you work. It’s a huge milestone in realizing our ambition of being the only platform your business needs, period. But we’re only just getting started. Like I say, we have an ambitious roadmap for Teamwork CRM. We’re going to be rolling out some amazing features, tightening up our integrations even more, and adding some serious reporting functionality. So even if we’re not right for you just yet, I’m confident that we will be in the not-so-distant future. You can also learn more about the product, check out our other blog posts, and start your free 30-day trial. Already a Teamwork customer? Enable your free trial of Teamwork CRM directly from your Teamwork Projects or Teamwork Desk account.