If you’ve talked to us via the feedback page you’ll know that we’ve been working hard on the latest version of the TeamworkPM iOS app.  You’ll also know that we’ve put blood, sweat, tears and a lot of love into this one.  Prototypes were built and thrown away.  Finer points were argued and sometimes even agreed.  A bucket load of Costa coffee was consumed.  But that doesn’t matter anymore.  What matters is that TeamworkPM 1.5 is queued up, ready to roll, and will be hitting the App Store in a few days.
And we think you’ll like it…


The first releases of the TeamworkPM iOS app focused on giving you the necessities – the basic features you had to have to be able to work with TeamworkPM in a mobile world. But now we want to take the creativity and spark from TeamworkPM on the web and distil it for iOS. That’s what we’ve started to do in 1.5.
So what did we work on?  Well, Tasks, Statuses, and Timers were our main focus.  But the challenge that we set ourselves was to find a way to add these extra features without adding clutter. We think we’ve done a pretty good job at meeting those goals, and over the course of the next few posts we’ll walk you through some of the changes.  So check back regularly and let us know if you agree.