Important Note : it looks like a few people are having problems logging in for the first time.  Don’t worry if you’re one of them, simply restart your iPad and you should be fine.  Apologies for any inconvenience.  Now continue on and enjoy the rest of the blog post!

The Future

We’re releasing Version 1.0 of the iPad app today.  This first version probably doesn’t have everything that you need, but it should make working on the iPad more enjoyable. For the bits that are missing a tap of a button brings you to the optimised website.
However, we’re moving fast to fill the gaps.  Even as you download Version 1 today, we’ve already submitted Version 1.1 to Apple for review.  That update has a new Events Panel to help keep you on top of your schedule.
The future of the Teamwork Projects iPad app |
But there’s no resting there, after that we’ll be adding in Search and Timers with full featured filtering following along (that’ll be perfect for managers – the ability to customize the information that you see across all of the projects under your control)
As we said in the introduction, we wanted to get it into your hands as early as possible so that you can help guide its growth and evolution.  We have strong plans for where it should go, but as always we’re heavily influenced by your needs.
If you like what you see then let us know so that we can see the parts that are working right.  If you have an idea then let us know that too – maybe we’ll be able to make it happen, or if not, maybe it’ll spark off something else.  But most of all enjoy the using our new iPad app – Teamwork Projects HD.