Even though it’s a slightly shorter month we haven’t held back on the amount of updates we got out this month and that’s not counting the mother of all updates : Lockdown.
We really hope you find these updates help you be more productive and allow you to manage your projects just the way to want. As always we are open to feedback and if you have any other ideas on new features or comments on current ones please let us know.
Key features rolled out in February.
Lockdown for tasks.
Lockdown for Notebooks.
Lockdown for Messages and files.
New calendar for Teamwork Mobile
Small Ticket Items

  • Comments update
  • Sites Switch Uses cache, shows loader image and displays installation favicon.
  • Messages If the word attach is in message body when no files are attached; prompt the user.
  • Return results which contain the search term within the title ahead of the rest.
  • Dashboard Increase number of Late/Upcoming milestones shown from 15 to 50
  • Companies Deleting a company should mark all users in that company as deleted
  • Subscription Page Type changed “your” to “you”
  • Companies Improve search so “St Johns” will match companies with “St Johns XYZ..”
  • Update People: Import: Check to see if user is already in the system and not deleted
  • Update Copy Project: Project Settings now copied to target project
  • Update Project Chart: Improved “scale” when min date and max date fall within same year
  • Update When uploading a new version of file, display the original file’s name for reference
  • Update Milestones: Allow a person to complete a milestone if they are assigned to it even if they don’t have Add/Edit Milestones permission
  • Update Tasks: Report: Added in Completed Date to Excel report
  • Update Dropbox: Added new option to get a permanent shareable link for a Dropbox file that can be emailed to people or sent to someone without having to have a Teamwork account
  • Update Quick Add: Remember last project used when adding a task for next time to speed things up for user
  • Update Workaround for .xlsx file viewing in IE
  • Update All Completed Tasks: Add option to filter by “Completed between dates” or “Due between dates”
  • Update All Completed Tasks: Changed date chooser to Date Picker control instead of selects
  • Update Everything: All Completed Tasks: Added new option to filter by either “Completed by” or “Assigned to”
  • Update Comments: Show a hover on number of people notified to show who received an email notification
  • Update Resources: Add ability to copy resources from one project to another
  • Update Dashboard: Activity: Yesterday not highlighted like Project Overview Activity
  • Update Dashboard: Limit Late/Upcoming Milestones to 15 records and display message showing count of others
  • People & Companies Fix clipping issues – long company names
  • UI Messages – category picker uses new drop-picker interface style
  • UI Sidebar – Completed task lists limit to 10 items with “more” option
  • UI  Task Lists: Reorder: Added “drag handle” to make it more obvious that they can be reordered by dragging/dropping
  • Optimization All tasks new version now uses eTags


API Changes
  • Sessions removed after one time access
  • Rate limit now IP based rather than userId based
  • Proper http error codes added
  • File on tasks – option “removeOtherFiles” added
  • Ability for the site owner to get all user API keys
  • Send back “private” in GET /comments call


Bug Fixes
  • Import Users shouldn’t be available to ordinary users
  • Files page: problems when changing user on left and sort mode set to size
  • Renaming file can change file type display
  • Friendly date as text needs to round up instead of down