This month sees the introduction of a new tab in the Everything section: All Files.

A problem some users encountered, especially those with a large volume of projects, was missing the fact that some files have been uploaded.  This could happen for a number of reasons: for example, users uploading the file and simply forgetting to notify the other project members – a common occurrence for those working with new clients or third party companies.  Or maybe, you can remember uploading a file, but can’t remember to which project.
The new All Files section solves these problems.  By default, when you switch to All Files, you’ll see the files most recently uploaded across all of the projects that you are a member of – all in one place.  So a quick glance will let you know if anything new has been uploaded, no matter where it was.
Files report Teamwork| Teamwork Projects
As with all the other pages within the Everything section, you can change how the information is displayed.  Sort the files by date, name and size and choose whether to display the files in list view, expanded view or grid view.

Filter options Teamwork| Teamwork ProjectsWe really hope you find this new page helpful and if you have any comments of feedback please let us know.