A few weeks ago I put out a request on our Facebook page to chat to a few design houses that use Teamwork Projects so they could share their experience with you about what they do, and how they use Teamwork Projects.
Paradigm Marketing and Creative - Teamwork Projects Story
One company that has found Teamwork Projects effective in the day-to-day running of the business is Paradigm Marketing and Creative, a boutique style agency based in Tennessee that assists clients with all their marketing needs.
The sheer breadth of services offered by Paradigm includes everything from branding, analysis, web and print design, and advertising, to creative services such as 3d animation, videos and photography.
President of Paradigm, Charles T. Gaushell, explains why the company relies so heavily on an effective project management application:
Because our services are so broad, our client base is also broad. Projects we’re involved with can include everything from completing an initial brand analysis to designing websites and brochures; from producing online PR to shooting a high definition video and rendering an extensive 3d floor plan to animating a 2,000 acre community. Using Teamwork enables everyone in the company to keep track of their tasks and assign tasks to coworkers.
Now in its 20th year in business, Paradigm’s focus on creativity has assisted clients across seven countries and 43 states. Two years ago the company decided to get rid of their older time-keeping program to focus solely on Teamwork to keep track of all tasks, a decision which Gaushell admits has made the day to day running of Paradigm much easier:
Paradigm Marketing and Creative - Teamwork Projects Story
“We use Teamwork Projects to remind ourselves of deadlines and milestones – we’re big Dropbox and ProofHQ users, so being able to link projects has been a critical update. Also having Teamwork accessible at home and on the road using our smartphones, tablets and computers saves time and effort. Teamwork Projects guides us through our project reviews at our weekly meetings by giving us a snapshot  and roadmap for the given week. It’s also great for organizing and keeping assignments and projects accounted for and features such as Messages, Comments and Notebooks are used daily. Teamwork Projects, for us, has made communication much smoother and easier since we can track every email, reply and text version,” he added.
Paradigm Marketing and Creative - Teamwork Projects Story
If you too would like to share your Teamwork Projects story with everyone here then please get in touch as we would love to hear from you.