We recently completed a large block of work that paves the way for great improvements to TeamworkPM in the coming months.
We spent 6 weeks changing the code for how we display tasks. Instead of building the HTML code for each task on our servers, we now send just the data and your browser transforms this into HTML.
For the nerds: This is all implemented using the excellent javascript MVVM framework, knockout.js.
Tech Update: Switching to MVVM | Teamwork.com
There was a mountain of work involved making these changes. The code behind every task-listing and task-related action had to be reprogrammed and strenuously tested.
The final changes were rolled out over a weekend some three weeks ago and if you haven’t noticed any changes then we have done our job well.
Thanks to the beta testers who got involved and helped us iron out the glitches. We really appreciate your time.

The road ahead

The fact that tasks are now rendered in your browser instead of on our servers may not sound important but it’s a big deal – for example, the recently released feature Real time updates for tasks would not have been possible before.
Now that we have the foundation laid, we can make TeamworkPM even better. We are working hard and have some great new features on the way so…
Watch this space!