Recently something changed in Gmail land and people who use Google Mail (Apps and Gmail) noticed their Teamwork email notifications were being grouped together even though they were from different projects.
We tracked this down to Gmail ignoring everything inside square brackets. We use the square brackets to show the Project Name, but as Gmail now ignore this the emails were being grouped incorrectly.
While this technically is a Gmail issue and not a Teamwork issue, it’s not good for our users and not good for our support staff! Today we have changed the square brackets to round brackets.
Your email notifications will now be of the form “(Project Name ) Re: This is an example subject”
This used to look like “[Project Name] Re: This is an example subject [Teamwork Account]”
You’ll also notice we took this opportunity to shorten the subject and remove the redundant [Teamwork Account] section at the end of each subject. Since we now have this in the From field of emails along with the sender’s name we decided to remove it to make subjects easier to read.
I know this is a small issue for many but we also appreciate that people get used to certain formats and also have filters set up on email subjects, so it’s only right we explain why this change has been made.