Every month, we extend Teamwork Projects with subtle features that make your life easier. You may not know about many of these yet, so this is the first in a new series of blog posts that will highlight some features you may find useful. 

1) Easily switch between your Teamwork Projects sites

Over time, many of you have created several Teamwork Projects sites. This usually comes about when your clients see how great Teamwork Projects is and adopt it for themselves.

We received a lot of feedback that remembering all the site addresses and passwords was tedious, so we responded with a very handy feature that allows you to quickly jump between sites without the need to log in again.

Once set up, in the top right of the screen you will see the new Sites drop menu; clicking this allows you to instantly switch to your other sites.

It’s pretty easy to set up.


2) Keyboard shortcuts

We have a number of keyboard shortcuts in Teamwork Projects to make common operations easier and faster to complete.

  • [Enter] when adding a task creates the task

  • Hovering over a task in the Tasks tab of a project

    • [E] Edits the current task the mouse is over

    • [T] Logs time on the current task the mouse is over

    • [S] Start a timer on the current task

    • [F] Quickly attach files to the task the mouse is over

    • [R] Quickly create a reminder for the task

  • [Esc] Closes/Cancels any open dialog

  • [G] In the Task tab for your project quickly opens the Gantt chart

  • [F] Focuses the Search box for immediate search input

  • [Q] Opens the “Quick Add” menu in the top left

  • [S] Opens the “Switch Project” menu

  • When you are in a Project

    • Number [1-9] will jump between the tabs e.g:

      • [1] jumps to the Overview tab

      • [2] jumps to the Tasks tab

      • etc


3) Getting Teamwork Projects to accept e-mails responses from unrecognized people

We have spent a lot of time adding the ability to send tasks, messages, files, and notebooks to Teamwork Projects via e-mail. But what happens when an e-mail is sent to Teamwork Projects from an unrecognized e-mail address?

Recently, we added the ability to specify a user who these e-mails would be posted from: if we do not recognise the email address that the item has been sent from, we replace this with a registered user’s e-mail.

To set this up, navigate to the Settings section in the top right, select Site Settings and then the E-mail tab.

Select the user who you wish to have these items posted from. Any e-mails  sent from unregistered users will appear in the project that they have been sent to.


We are going to be posting more tips likes these, so watch this space. As always, thanks for using Teamwork.com!

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