That’s right people, it’s been a long old wait but the TeamworkPM iPhone App is now finally available for download from the App store.
The app at the moment is what we are calling, version 1. Like we do with the actual TeamworkPM web App, we plan to roll out a whole load of updates to improve the app over time. We just needed to get to a starting stage so we could get the app live. From here on out, we can now begin to gather feedback and use this to help us piece together a plan as to how to develop the app further. This will help us focus on features that people actually need as opposed to us just building features we think people will want.
 TeamworkPM iPhone App 2010
 TeamworkPM iPhone App 2010
 TeamworkPM iPhone App 2010

What we have on a Dashboard level

  • Pending Tasks & Milestones
  • Overdue Tasks & Milestones
  • All Milestones
  • Projects
  • Starred Projects
  • Latest Activity
  • Bookmarked task lists (NEW)

What we have on a project level

  • Latest Activity
    • Ability to jump to message in iPhone app from Latest Activity
    • Ability to jump to task list in iPhone app from Latest Activity
    • Ability to jump to task in iPhone app from Latest Activity
  • Tasks & Tasklists
    • Add Task list
    • Badges for Due/Late tasks per list
    • Current Tasks
    • Completed Tasks
    • Ability to view a task
    • Ability to add a task
    • Ability to edit a task
    • Ability to complete a task
    • Ability to uncomplete a task
  • Milestones
    • Add Milestones (NEW)
    • View Milestones
    • Ability to complete a milestone
    • Ability to uncomplete a milestone
    • Ability to edit a milestone
  • Messages
    • Latest messages with comment count
    • Ability to create a message
    • View messages by category
    • View Message & Comments
    • Add a comment to a message (Reply)
  • View Project Online
  • Quick back to Dashboard link

Future of the iPhone App

Our plan now that the base version is released is to provide very regular updates adding in the functionality that is currently lacking. Our iPhone developer Mike will be working on nothing else but adding new features.

Roadmap for iPhone App

We have an internal roadmap of features we want to add to the iPhone app and will publish this shortly.

Items coming soon:

  • Ability to assign Tasks and Milestones to multiple people
  • Ability to comment on Tasks, Milestones, etc
  • Ability to update your Status
  • Ability to jump to Milestone in iPhone app from Latest Activity
  • Calendar events
  • etc

Once you have the iPhone App getting here is how you get your API Key

  • Log into your TeamworkPM account
  • Click your name in the top right of the page
  • Choose My Details
  • Click on the last tab called API
  • Agree to the terms and conditions
  • Copy the API key and enter it into the settings section within the iPhone App.

We would like to thank all the users who helped to test the app, and who sent in their suggestions to us please keep the suggestions and feedback coming.