One of our most popular tools, the Teamwork Timer has always been a big hit with our users that demand accurate time tracking on projects, for record keeping or billing purposes. Building on feedback from users, we’ve updated the timers, last month was the turn of the mobile timers and now this month, we’re delivering the brand new desktop timers app.

  • We built our timer app with everyday use in mind; you can have it open all the time in full view or switch to a more discreet compact view.

  • You can easily import all your upcoming tasks from Teamwork as timers and work on what’s due next.

  • If you step away from your desk and forgot to pause the timer, don’t worry! You can have the app automatically pause your timer when the computer is idle and resume it when you get back to working.

  • Did you log your last time log as billable? We’ll remember that next time! Did you choose to reset the timer but keep it open so you can log more time later? We’ll remember that too…

The desktop timer works on any desktop – Mac, Windows and Linux and now auto-updates so you stay up to date as we add new features so you’ll always have the latest version of the software. You check out all the details right here. As always we appreciate any feedback on the update.