It has been a banner year for big improvements at Teamwork Projects.  We kicked off the year by completely re-engineering the app. One of the biggest reasons for this effort was to roll out updates and features much more quickly, saving everyone time in the long run. We committed to this painstaking work, even when we were itching to add improvements instead, because we are dedicated to exceeding customer expectations.
Today, we can see that our persistence paid off. After we released the latest version of Teamwork Projects, we took some time to assess the app and review what improvements needed to be made before we could sink our teeth into the roadmap. Now we know exactly which updates will have the greatest impact on the performance of Teamwork Projects, and that will focus our work for 2017.

Here are some of the most recent updates we’re excited to tell you about:
Bulk Edit Tasks
In our last updates post we mentioned that you could bulk modify tags on tasks. We are constantly asked to make this feature more powerful and flexible. As a result, we have now added a great new feature to the “All Active Tasks” and “My Tasks” sections where you can choose to bulk edit any task where you have permission to do so.

This is incredibly powerful on “All Active Tasks” in particular where you can apply any filters necessary, and then click “Bulk Edit” so you can then choose as many of those tasks as you want to bulk edit. Currently, with this feature you can edit dates, progress, estimate time, priority and tags on any selected tasks.  We are working on even more powerful changes today, so stay posted. Articles for bulk editing All Active Tasks and bulk editing My Tasks are available through our Help Docs site. 


Bulk edit All Active Tasks

Bulk edit My Tasks

Custom sorting on “My Tasks”
Another frequent feature request we get at Teamwork is the ability to apply sorts to the “My Tasks page. We have now added a useful sort dropdown to this page, allowing you to sort by task list name, date added, due date, start date or priority. Whatever you select is remembered, allowing you to choose whatever works best for your personal workflow. More useful information on Custom sorting on “My Tasks” is available through this article on our Help Docs site. 

More Tags
We get requests every week from users who want to be able to add more tags to their projects, tasks, and other functions. For a number of reasons, we previously set a limit of 5 tags per item. However, we’re now happy to offer all users to chance to add up to 8 tags to any item within Teamwork Projects.


Project Chart
The Project Chart is a really powerful tool in Teamwork Projects. It offers you a bird’s-eye view of all projects where start and end dates have been set, allowing users to see the overall schedule at a glance, including any late, upcoming or completed milestones. We have now made this feature more powerful by adding a host of small improvements.
When looking at a busy project chart with multiple projects and milestones, it can sometimes be frustrating trying to locate and focus on certain projects. Similarly, when a project is out of range and does not appear on the chart, it can be confusing to find it, whether it falls before or after the currently visible window. To correct this problem, we have now added some great little shortcuts to jump back and forth between projects and to bring them into focus. If a project is out of range, an icon will now point left or right to the project’s start date. Clicking this icon will jump to the beginning of that project and will zoom in on it.
Previously when viewing the project chart, hovering over a milestone would bring up a tooltip with some basic details about the milestone in question. We have greatly improved this feature, making it both more visual and more powerful. Now when hovering over a milestone, the tooltip will include a link to quick view the milestone, where you can edit, delete or complete it, or even add some comments and notify other users of important changes. From this quick view you can also click on any attached task list and it will then open in a stacked quick view.
Previously, if multiple milestones fell on the same date and clashed, the project chart would show the information for one item only. Now, when hovering over clashing milestones, a list will be displayed in the popup and each of these can then be quick viewed too.
We have also added some other great improvements to project chart:

  • We’ve upgraded the project popup, displaying status and category in a more meaningful way, as well as highlighting project dates and making a quick edit easier than ever.
  • Category colours for projects have been added to both the left hand side of the project list and the newly improved project popup.
  • There is now a dropdown on all projects on the left hand side, which opens up the menu for each project in the list.
  • It’s now very obvious when a chart has an active filter applied to it. If the chart is filtered in any way, the “Filter” button will be highlighted, giving better feedback to users.

For more information on how to get the most out of the Project Chart feature, checkout out this article from our Help Docs site.


Project Chart

We’ve added some nice shortcuts to the Calendar feature in Teamwork Projects. Previously, if you wanted to view the schedule for a particular day or week in detail, you would have to change to week/day view and then jump between different pages until finding the period you were interested in. Now, you can simply click on the number of the week or the number of the day on the month view and it will go directly to that week or day.
In addition to this, we’ve now added a shortcut that can be used when creating new events. Now if you type recognisable times into the name of the event, the event will attempt to set its start date according to whatever time is references. For example, if you type “Meeting with John at 10PM” when creating a new event, the start time will automatically set itself to 10PM and so on. More information on creating an event in the calendar is available through this article from our  Help Docs site. 


Calendar Shortcuts
Calendar Shortcuts

Creating New Users from a Task  
Sometimes when creating or editing a task, you might want to assign that task to someone new. Often that person hasn’t yet been created or invited to Teamwork Projects and this means a few extra steps in order to assign the newly created task to the right person or group of people. We think that assigning tasks should be a simple process, and we’ve added a really great feature that will let you quickly create brand new users while working on tasks and immediately assign tasks to those users.
When editing or adding a task, you can click the “Who should do this?” dropdown and at the bottom of the list there is an option to invite a new user “Somebody Else (Invite)…”. Similarly, you can also do this while entering the name of the task. Simply type “@” in the task name and a list of available users will appear. Here you can filter that list or simply choose the last option and it will again allow you to create and invite new users. Once the invites have been sent, the new users will be preselected. This option is available for anyone that has the permissions to invite new users.  More information on creating new users for tasks is available through this article on our Help Docs site.
Creating new users on tasks

With all of these updates you should see a big improvement in how you use the app. We have some more great updates on the way before the holidays as well as news of our new Onedrive for Business integration. Have these updates changed the way you work? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.