TRACE Management Ltd. in Mansfield (UK) provides virtual assistant support to growing companies, with a specialty in transport management and consultation plus aviation training. These heavily-regulated industries require complex certification processes, and TRACE Management assists with ongoing compliance issues.
Tracy Home, director of TRACE Management, has been using Teamwork Projects for years, even before she started this business in 2016. Here’s why she chose Teamwork Projects to help her clients stay current with the documentation that allows them to stay in business.

“I recommend Teamwork Projects above all other options to those who are looking for project management software. The ability to create task lists, templates, subtasks, share individual task lists with specific people, and more is better than all competitors tested, in my opinion.”

The Challenges

Tracy’s expertise with certification for transportation companies began when she was head of operations ground operations for an aviation company. Over the five years she spent  there, she introduced and developed many systems to cope with the company’s rapid growth, such as tracking the deadlines, forms, and proof required for the company to maintain its Air Operator’s Certificate. 
Back then, she used Teamwork not only for compliance issues, but to track dozens of pieces of information and to-dos so important details — and orders and meetings — didn’t get lost in the demands of each workday. For example, preparing for international flights required knowledge of each country’s regulations for actions like landing, overflight permissions, fueling, crew transport, and more.

“I remember that a standard round trip to Kenya would entail 90-95 actions each way to ensure a trouble-free flight. It’s very easy to forget the small things when demands are pressing and changes occur.”

When Tracy started her own business helping transportation companies who needed support with their paperwork, she found that many of them didn’t have a system in place to maintain compliance or record current regulations. Downloading forms, filing paperwork, and generally staying in touch with the proper agencies wasn’t an ongoing process. Too many tasks were being done at the last minute, causing all sorts of stress when deadlines were looming.

“There’s really no way to make filing paperwork fun, but I found that a lot of my clients dreaded the process so much that they made it worse by avoiding it. Then they had to stop everything to get all of the documentation handed in on time, which created a lot of pressure in their businesses.”

Some clients weren’t fully aware of all of the work that needed to be completed, or they weren’t clear about all of the deadlines. Because most of these transportation companies were dealing with the same agencies and timelines, Tracy knew that having software that could duplicate checklists and action items would cut her workload and ensure that every item was completed on time.

The Solution

Tracy immediately turned to Teamwork Projects when she opened TRACE Management because she knew that the task list template feature was exactly the tool that she needed. She turned the maze of deadlines and paperwork into a 190-item compliance checklist that she gives to each client.
This system not only gives Tracy and the client a clear roadmap for the paperwork that needs to be completed, but it allows everyone to break the tasks down into manageable segments.

“I have created checklist templates covering compliance and also created recurring quarterly, monthly, and weekly task lists to ensure that once our compliance goals are achieved we remain compliant in terms of data collection and reporting. They feel secure in the knowledge that Teamwork Projects reminds them when something needs to happen.”

When Tracy takes on a new client, she immediately adds them into Teamwork Projects so she can evaluate which tasks have been completed and which need to be addressed immediately. The intuitive UI and onboarding materials available from Teamwork Projects make this process simple, which allows everyone to focus on their to-do list instead of the learning curve for new software.

“My clients are very impressed with the software and often comment how much they love it. It reduces the stress they have around compliance, and they all enjoy the sense of accomplishment after they’ve checked something off the list.”

The Benefits

For Tracy, the primary advantage of using Teamwork Projects is having a single tool that allows her to manage not only her own business, but the compliance of five other businesses with individual needs. Adding a new business and evaluating its position on the path to compliance is a straightforward process.

“The template function is a godsend! It allows me to support and advise several companies with varying levels of compliance.”

Since the compliance checklist that Tracy built with the task list template feature is so simple to use, clients are more motivated to check in frequently and keep making progress. In one glance, they can see which items need attention without having to check in with Tracy first.

“The visual recognition of what we have achieved to date is invaluable.  One particular customer initially only had around 10 items covered on the 190-task checklist.  Over the past few months we have now completed 162, leaving only 28 to address.”

With task reminders, detailed checklists, and tasks and subtasks aligned, Tracy’s workload has been drastically reduced, and deadlines are always well managed. She’s been able to take an arduous and complex process and make it feasible for everyone involved, giving her the time and bandwidth to focus on her customers and stay ahead of regulation changes that impact her customers.