Few things make us happier than rolling out a new much sought-after feature. Here at Teamwork.com, we love building these from scratch, ironing out the kinks and understanding the benefits they can bring to our users.  
It’s also great, to be able to give you third-party integrations that make the software you already use work even harder for you. Today, we’re unveiling our brilliant new integration that you’ve requested: Teamwork Projects with Microsoft OneDrive for Business, which is available on the Premium and Enterprise Plans.

What the Teamwork Projects-OneDrive Integration Means for You

Over the years we’ve built integrations with a number of cloud storage solutions including Dropbox, Box.com and Google Drive, which make each workday even easier. Having these options available means a user can store and share all their work files and have the ability to attach files to tasks, comments, messages etc in Teamwork Projects.
Our existing OneDrive integration allows small amounts of personal storage across an entire site. If you’re working on your own, you know that this is really handy because you can connect a single OneDrive account across all of your projects.
We’ve taken this integration one step further with this latest OneDrive for Business addition. Now business teams can work together on documents and other assignments  and link them to Teamwork Projects where necessary. It provides a really easy way to share and keep track of documents.

Getting Started

Setting up OneDrive for Business is really easy. Initially, the site administrator enables it in the integrations area of the site settings menu. From there, the integration must be enabled per project by the project admin, which might be a site owner or an admin in an owner company.
OneDrive for Business
OneDrive for Business Teamwork Projects
Enabling projects individually is really useful  for customizing OneDrive for Business for each project. For example, if you’re working in a design project and you only want to share the graphic design folder from your OneDrive for Business account, you can do this. If you  move to the marketing project and want to share a different folder, no problem.
More information on enabling OneDrive for Business in the site settings is available from this article on our help docs site. Once the integration is enabled, you will be taken to your OneDrive for Business site to fill in your login information and be prompted to connect.
OneDrive for Business

Helpful Tips

The OneDrive for Business account connected to the project will be used by everyone on the Project who has the required permissions to view the files.  That means you need to give permission wisely —  people might be able to see files that you did not intend for them to see. If you choose a base folder for your project, make sure that the folder only contains files relevant for the project.
Once OneDrive for Business is enabled in a project, you can choose who has permission to view those files. There are 3 options : Admin, admin + owner company or everyone on the project. To enable OneDrive for Business within a project, please see this article from our help docs site.
Teamwork Projects OneDrive
This latest integration will be a welcome addition to many of our users who store and share all their files on OneDrive for Business. This is the first edition of this particular integration and we will be developing this further over the coming months. If you work with multiple documents and shared attachments, this will go a long way to helping keep you organized.
Have you tried our OneDrive for Business Integration? We’d love to hear your feedback or your questions in the comments below or through our support team via support@teamwork.com.