Along with the release of TKO, we have some more nice surprises for you on Teamwork Projects this month, including the ability to add event reminders in the mobile app and improved security on custom domains.
Event Reminders On Mobile
People don’t always remember things. It’s in our nature to forget. Gentle reminders can keep your team from missing out on the important stuff. Event reminders have been around for a long time in Teamwork Projects, but now they’re available on our Mobile Apps too. Create events and add reminders when you’re out of the office and on the go. Remind your colleagues about important calendar events with email, push notifications or SMS reminders. Set these reminders from wherever you are at any time. 
Here’s what it looks like on iOS.
Teamwork Projects iOS Event Reminders | High Performance Blog
Here’s what it looks like on Android.
Teamwork Projects Android Event Reminders | High Performance Blog
SSL Cert For Custom Domains
When people sign up to Teamwork Projects, a unique URL for the account is created. This is in the format https://{your_business_name} If you are on the Small Office, Office, Professional, Business or Enterprise plans then you can change this URL and customize it to something that better suits your company. You can do this simply by going to Settings> General> Site Address> Edit> Custom Domain.
All {your_business_name} URLs are accessible via HTTPS. This means that they are very secure. Previously when changing to a custom URL, the HTTPS access was lost. This is not the case anymore. Our developers have built a proxy to route your custom domain traffic through a server which will create and use an SSL cert for your custom domain automatically.
Here’s how it works.
sslproxy | High Performance Blog
In a nutshell, this means that all custom domains are now just as secure as https://{your_business_name} ones.
This guide shows how to set up and run your own server to act as a proxy for your custom domain. This way you can access your Teamwork Projects custom domain over HTTPS.
Did all that sound a bit too technical? Not to worry, if you want a custom domain with all the security, get in touch with our team at with your account details, and we’ll do all the work to make sure your site is secure.
That’s it for this month’s updates. Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below. We love hearing your feedback.