It’s been one month since we unveiled TKO in all its glory to our users and what an incredible response we’ve had to the newest version of Teamwork Projects. This month, we’ve been reviewing your feedback and we’ve made some pretty nice updates to the app. Check out July’s updates to Teamwork Projects:

Markdown on Notebooks

Lots of you have been requesting this feature recently and we’re happy to say that Markdown is now available on Notebooks. To enable markdown, the site owner or an admin in the owner company must do so via the settings tab in the top right-hand corner of the app. Select “General” and make sure Markdown is turned on. Afterward, when you go to “Create a Notebook,” you will see a dropdown which allows you to choose between using editor or using Markdown. This video will show you how to enable Markdown in your site.

Adding tags to a project from the project sidebar

If you’re working in a particular project, you can add tags in that project from the sidebar. In the overview option, you will see a projects tag section. From here, you can add or create a tag. This video will show you how it’s done.
Teamwork Projects – July 2016 Updates | Blog

Adding reminders to tasks

You can now add a reminder, whether it’s an SMS, email or push notification, within the project. To do this, go to your Tasks tabs within a project, select “Add a Task,” select the reminder bell and choose date, time, and type of reminder. Once you click save, you will then be able to see what reminders have been added to the task as well. You also have the option to edit or delete them. Follow the directions in this video to add reminders on tasks.

File preview

Within the file section of Teamwork Projects, you can now view different types of file formats without downloading them. First of all, be sure you have the preview option switched on. To do this, select the settings cog on the top right-hand side, select “General,” and turn on “Can preview files”. Note: the site owner or an admin in the owner company can do this. Now, when you’re in the “file” section of a project you have the option to preview pdfs, images, illustrator files, as well as some video formats such as mp4 – the list is endless. Check out our file preview video.  
As well as Markdown in Notebooks, project tags, task reminders, and file preview you will notice that the messages section is now in a timeline format, autosave on a new version of your Notebook is available, and we’ve also made the UI a bit neater.
That’s it for Teamwork Projects for July. It’s been a busy month here at HQ. We’ll have a brand new batch of updates for you in August.
Have you tried TKO? We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section below.