Here at, we’re usually very upfront about what we’re building and working on here. From the beginning, we’ve published our roadmap so you guys know what we’re working on at any time. Sometimes, though, we’re working on stuff that’s so cool, we want to keep it a surprise – today is one of those days.
We’ve had something very exciting brewing over the last few months and have been longing to share it with our users. As many of you know, we have thousands of marketing agencies all around the world using Teamwork Projects. Today, we finally get to tell you about our amazing new partnership with HubSpot, the world’s leading Inbound marketing software, that has blossomed into something awesome! We’re using this blog post to announce a shiny new integration between (the productivity guys) and HubSpot (the inbound marketing guys), one that is designed specifically to integrate Teamwork Projects with HubSpot.
Note: The HubSpot integration is available on the Premium and Enterprise Plans
Check out this video to see what the integration can do!

The official announcement was made today at INBOUND 2015 in Boston. For anyone who doesn’t know anything about INBOUND, it is best described as the ultimate place of worship for sales and marketers alike. It is the place where creativity, innovation, and success collide across four days of awe-inspiring events brought to you by none other than HubSpot. Speaking after the announcement, CEO, Peter spoke about the opportunity the partnership provided “For over five years, we’ve worked with some of the world’s top marketing teams, this partnership gives us the opportunity to work with even more of them and work far closer, by integrating seamlessly with the great tools that HubSpot provides. We’ve worked very closely with the great team at HubSpot, who have been amazing; the end result is something that both companies are truly proud of.”
HubSpot is the world’s leading inbound marketing and sales platform, so teaming up with will help marketers across the world stay organized, collaborate better, and get more done. “HubSpot is on a mission to bring inbound to everyone and make our customers’ lives easier so that they can focus less on reading through the lines of the technologies that power their businesses and more on the strategies required to grow their businesses,” said Brian Halligan, CEO & co-founder of HubSpot. “HubSpot Connect extends the power of our platform to more of the tools used by companies who want to attract, engage and delight their customers. It’s about building seamless connections between platforms so that companies can focus on building seamless relationships with their customers.”

Here’s How Teamwork Projects Integrates with HubSpot

Create a Project from a HubSpot Deal
Click on the Teamwork Projects icon next to your HubSpot Deal. A drop-down box will emerge for you to create a new Project into your Teamwork Projects account. Input your project details, like the description, due dates, etc…, then press ‘Create Project’ and you’re all set up!
Link any Teamwork Project item to HubSpot Deal, Blog Post, or other
Wherever you see the HubSpot logo in your Teamwork Projects account, it means you can interact between the two. Click on the HubSpot logo to link any Teamwork Projects item to a corresponding HubSpot Deal.
Create a Notebook from a Hubspot Blog Post
On the top right-hand side of the HubSpot dashboard, you’ll see the Teamwork Projects logo, click to see an option to create a new notebook. Alternatively, you can navigate to Create Blog Post, click on the Teamwork Projects Logo and create a notebook from there.
Create any Teamwork Projects item from anywhere in HubSpot
Create projects, tasks, messages, notebooks, events, and more in your Teamwork Projects account all from your HubSpot page.
Track Time in HubSpot and Log it in Teamwork Projects
Click on the Teamwork Projects Logo from the HubSpot Dashboard and select ‘Start Timer’ or ‘Log Time’.
Need more information? Just take a look at our YouTube playlist.
We’re sure you’ll agree that this is a really exciting development and have no doubt you’re eager to get started with the new integration.  Be sure to check out our web page too. The integration itself is really easy to use and we have no doubt it will add even more fluidity and structure to your work, but just in case you have any questions about the above points or videos, don’t be shy, just shoot us an e-mail to
We have massive respect for HubSpot. They are truly masters of their craft and to have software that integrates with theirs is a really significant development for and adds enormous value for our users, who are the reason we do what we do! There’s been an exciting energy building in our office over the last few weeks, one different than usual, the kind of energy that appears when we’re about to launch something amazing. We even compiled some of our favorite integration power tips for users.