Exciting times here at Teamwork.com as the integration between Teamwork Projects and HubSpot has gone viral. Teamwork Projects helps you be so productive and collaborative, it may in fact be your office’s most valued team member. Now, you have even more options for your sales and marketing campaigns with its integration with HubSpot. Marketers around the world stay organized, collaborate better, and get more done, now with seamless integration. We already shared details of the integration announcement, so today we’ll help you learn Teamwork Projects & HubSpot power tips on how the integration really works! Sit back, take those shoes off, and prepare for the socks to be knocked off you!
Setting up the Teamwork Projects & HubSpot Integration
Integrate Teamwork Projects and HubSpot by creating your own Teamwork Projects account. Once that is set up, download the Teamwork Projects Chrome Extension from the Chrome Web Store. Then just enable the HubSpot integration with your Portal ID, which is always visible in the upper right-hand corner of your HubSpot dashboard, then choose to authorize Teamwork.com to access your HubSpot data. You don’t even need to say “abracadabra” because now you’re ready to go.

HubSpot Deals to Teamwork Projects
Click on the Teamwork Projects icon next to your HubSpot Deal. A drop-down box will emerge for you to create a new project into your Teamwork Projects account. You name the project, add a description, select the company, category, and date range and whether you want to sync HubSpot contacts from that deal, then click on “Create Project.” For existing Projects and Deals or Blog Posts, wherever you see the HubSpot logo in your Teamwork Projects account, it means you can interact between the two. Click on the Teamwork Projects logo to access options to create a new Notebook, Task, Messages, or Event – or to track time by choosing ‘Start Timer’.

Sync HubSpot Contacts with Teamwork Projects
You can carry over your contacts from a HubSpot Deal to a Teamwork Projects task or project with a click then when you view your user list in Teamwork Projects just select which you want to invite to have project access.

HubSpot Users New to Teamwork Projects
If you’re not already a Teamwork Projects user, you will fall in love with the practical purpose-designed software that gets you organized so that you can reduce unnecessary meetings and simply get things done. Create milestones, mark your events in the calendar, or avail of status updates. You’ll never miss a deadline again and neither will your team because it is the most powerful and simple way to collaborate in real time for real results. Keeping all your projects and notes in one place, with access using your iPhone, iPad, Android, Google Chrome, and the Web, means you can plan everything, big or small, with Task Lists, Tasks, and Sub-Tasks. You chose the task’s start and due dates, assign them to your team, add reminders, attach files, log time, and leave comments.
Gantt Charts, Milestones, and Calendars, Oh My!
As you work, link Milestones to HubSpot Links and mark your tasks as complete and watch your project come together using Gantt Charts. It means you always know where you stand, so you can track your team’s progression and plan ahead. Additionally, your team can designate and create milestones to keep on track of key target dates that represent big goals that are important to you and your company. Add events, holidays, conferences, meetings, and even birthdays with your new company calendar so you see priorities months in advance.

Messages, Notebooks, and Time Tracking
Every feature in Teamwork Projects focuses on optimum productivity and collaboration down to the last detail. Even inter-team brainstorming sessions, communications, and discussions can be centralized in the Messages section. The Notebooks section allows you to write a formatted text page that can be revised and edited by other members within the project. Notebook pages can be used to write pretty much anything from draft letters to blog post outlines. All the time worked can be easily tracked by you and your staff Teamwork Projects’s intuitive time tracking feature. We even let you invoice all tracked time and expenses.

Price Plans and Security
Teamwork.com’s entire existence is to help you and your team work better together, so all of our Teamwork Projects price plans come with unlimited users & companies. Yes, you read correctly. And all plans come with 356-bit SSL security, which is like 356 behemoths with crossed arms, staring down security threats to keep your work protected so all you need to worry about is the task at-hand. Please note the HubSpot integration is available on the Premium and Enterprise Plans.
Teamwork Projects is built and designed to work seamlessly with the tools you and your team use. You may integrate with HubSpot and a growing number of other applications and platforms to make your work easier than ever! And because nothing says weekend like binge watching great videos, all the Teamwork Projects and HubSpot integration tutorials are in a dedicated Teamwork Projects and HubSpot Integration YouTube playlist.