It’s been a good month over at HQ.  We’ve added to our team, set the ball rolling on our beautiful new offices, rolled out new updates while work continues on our database project, started making plans for EU hosting for Teamwork Projects, and somewhere along the way managed to scoop an award for SME of the Year 2016.
Some of the sought-after updates to Teamwork Projects this month include:

  • Added a new filter to all comments which will allow you to filter by who was notified. If there’s a lot of discussion between team members on a task, this filter is particularly useful.
  • Update to the Daily Report – No more early morning emails.  You can now set the time that suits you to receive the Daily Report instead of receiving it at 5am.
  • Workload – Added a new option to Pro Rata estimated time. This means that the estimated time on a task is divided by the number of days the task is scheduled for.
  • February also saw the addition of notebooks to the Teamwork Projects Mobile App. Now, when you’re on the go you can easily add and edit notebooks . For a full list of updates on Teamwork Projects this month take a look here.

EU Hosting
Safe Harbour, or Privacy Shield as it is now known, is a topic which came up time and time again over the last four months. On February 2nd, the U.S and EU reached an agreement on a new pact to underpin transatlantic data transfers, one which promises to protect the fundamental rights of EU citizens and provide legal clarity to companies. However, many of our customers have approached us about the possibility of EU Hosting.  We can confirm that we are working on setting up an EU data center to host all of the data of our European customers. Please note, however, that we do not have a time frame just yet as to when this will be available, but we will update our users as this project progresses. As circumstances change in this rapidly evolving data protection landscape, you can be assured that the privacy of our users has always been and remains to be a top priority for us