As well as a working on a long list of minor improvements and bug fixes, our Teamwork Projects team has been busy preparing a load of new features for you guys this month. Cross Dependencies on Projects, a swanky Updated Chrome Extension, Task Filters, Default Privacy on Projects, and Mobile Updates, to name but a few.
Prepare to have your socks – and shoes – knocked off…

Cross Dependencies on Projects

We are proud to present one of the most requested features yet: Cross Dependencies on Projects! Now you can make a task in one project dependent upon the completion of a task in a completely different project. It’s pretty awesome, take a look for yourself:

Cross Dependencies on Projects was such a big update this month that we decided to give it its own blog post. Check out all the details here.

Updated Chrome Extension

We’ve given the Chrome Extension a facelift! It still has all the features that you know and love, but we’ve added some extra bits to make your life even easier.
Rather than using your API key, you can now authenticate your Chrome extension using your e-mail address and password associated with your Teamwork Projects account.
Teamwork Projects Chrome Extension Verification
We’ve added a timer to your Chrome extension. Yes. We did it. We found yet another way for you to track your time. You can now create events, notebooks, projects, task lists, and we’ve also added basic tag support (use #tag in titles)!
Teamwork Projects Chrome Extension control panel
Download Teamwork Projects new Chrome extension here. Boom. You’re Welcome.  🙂

Task Filters

Previous filters are now persistent on Teamwork Projects. We’ll remember what you’ve previously searched for and we’ll pull up some suggestions as you type.

Default Privacy on Projects

This is a pretty nifty new feature and it’s also one of the most requested by our customers. When you’re creating a new project you now have the options to make it private to the Owner Company.
Default Privacy On Projects - Teamwork Projects

Mobile Updates

There were loads of fixes and small improvements for both Android and iOS, but the big updates this month are support for ‘Likes’ and Multiple Uploads for sharing extension.
Likes in Teamwork Projects from
P.S. The largely anticipated new build for Android is live! This new version is faster and even more agile than ever.
As you can see it’s been business a usual here at If you have any questions about any of the stuff mentioned in this blog, don’t hesitate to leave us a message here or e-mail our support team at
Don’t forget to tune-in next month for a whole new list of features :)!