Teamwork Projects has been helping businesses all around the world organize their tasks for some time now. This month, we reached a milestone as the number of completed tasks surpassed 100 million! That’s a whole lot of completed work and we’re looking forward to getting you through the next 100 million!!
While we’re on the topic of completing tasks, our developers have been doing just that. We mentioned a while back that Teamwork Projects was getting a little bit of a makeover. The team has spent months changing all of the code on the backend of Teamwork Projects – no easy feat.  Although the new version does look a whole lot sharper, this is not a visual redesign, so our changes won’t cause chaos or confusion. It will, however, run a whole lot faster and allow us to turn out new features much quicker.
The new version of Teamwork Projects is live on internal beta at the moment to our whole team. We’re testing it for any issues before we release it to our users, but you can expect it very soon.
Over the last number of weeks, we’ve had a lot of users asking about reporting capabilities in Teamwork Projects. To help, we’ve created a very short pro tips video. The video looks at five reports which we get asked about frequently. These include:

  • The activity report
  • Task list report
  • Everything – all active tasks report
  • Time on a task list report
  • Project Chart report – this contains your project timeline and the milestones within it.

Take a look at the video here.

This month on Mobile
The Teamwork Projects mobile app is going from strength to strength. The biggest talking point this month on mobile is the addition of a new dashboard on both iOS and Android.  Just like the dashboard in your browser, you’ll be able to see what tasks or milestones are late or upcoming,  as well as the next five upcoming events. Have a look at the new dashboard here. 

We’ve made new changes to time on mobile too:

  • We’ve updated time logging so that the user can now enter an end time on the log. The time list has been updated.
  • The time list has been updated to show start, end, and day. From now on, the time list always shows the attached task as well as any description.
  • If you’re keeping track of who’s logging in – the mobile app now shows as a login too.
  • We have fixed time zone issues for task reminders
  • Message filtering has also improved.

That’s it from the Teamwork Projects team this month, but if you have any questions just leave a comment. We’d love to hear from you.