It’s that time again for some more Pro hints and tips from us.

Email a Notebook to your project

A couple of months back we released an option to send a notebook via email. The great thing about this is that it allows you to write an email while offline and then later send that to your project within TeamworkPM.

Each project has a unique email address for notebooks that you will find in the lower left hand pane of the Notebooks page.

Create a Notebook via email| Teamwork Projects


Re-assign all Tasks and Milestones

People come and people go; the good news is we have an option to reassign all tasks and or milestones from one user to another.

In the People section, before you remove the access to the project, on the left hand pane for the user there is an option to reassign all the items assigned to them to another user.

When doing this, we do not change names on comments posted by the person who has left, or remove completed items.

Reassign tasks milestones| Teamwork Projects


Quick view on Tasks

Do you ever want to quickly view the details of a task?

In the Task view of a project, holding shift and clicking on the task brings you to a view screen for that task. From here you can choose to edit the task.

 Task details view| Teamwork Projects

Quick view on Messages

You can quick view any message by holding the shift key when clicking on the message. This is especially useful on the “All Messages” page so you don’t lose your position in the list of messages.

 Message quick view| Teamwork Projects

iCal feeds

Some people want to view all their tasks in a calendar view. While we don’t offer this, there is an option to send your calendar to any external calendar that accepts an iCal feed.

On the top right of the Calendar page, you’ll find the iCal feeds under Options. There are two options here: one for your calendar or for the entire calendar (Everybody’s calendar).

Select this and import it into your external calendar. The most popular external calendars that people use are Google calendar and Outlook.

 ical export| Teamwork Projects

As always we hope you find these tips helpful 🙂