This month we have really focused on making features and areas already present within Teamwork more efficient for you all.

New keyboard shortcut
We have added another handy keyboard shortcut, this time to the Files tab. If you press Ctrl/Cmd + Click on View a File, it will open in a new tab or Download.  This now makes it a lot faster to open a number of files at a time for reviewing.

Making Teamwork more efficient | Teamwork Projects

New filter option for All Active Tasks

Another small but very useful update this month has been added to the Everything, All Active Tasks page. We have given you another filter option for your tasks: you can now see all tasks due for the week.

“This week” works from either Sunday or Monday depending on your localization settings within your account

Making Teamwork more efficient | Teamwork Projects

This is great if you have a lot of tasks within your account as it allows you to focus on just what you need to do that week to make sure your projects keep moving forward. Plus it’s a real motivation boost to see the task list getting smaller as you work you way through the week.

 Making Teamwork more efficient | Teamwork Projects
Ability to disable all email per user per project
Do you try your best to stop as many emails as possible from going into your inbox? Well, this month we have added a new feature to help aid in this quest. Now, for every project you have the ability to disable all email notification.

All that is needed is to simply uncheck an option and all emails from that project will cease.

To access this setting, just go to the People tab within a project to see the options. The first is for users who can edit their project permissions and the first option on the list is the ability to receive email notifications from this project. Uncheck this to stop all notifications.
Making Teamwork more efficient | Teamwork Projects

Administrators need to click on the green envelope on the People page next to their email. This will toggle email notifications off.

 Making Teamwork more efficient | Teamwork Projects

This feature is also incredibly handy for when you are setting up projects, as you can work your way through a project, adding in all the people you want on board but making sure that they are not receiving any emails until you are ready to go.

As with all features, we really hope these additions improve your Teamwork experience.