Nine years ago, when we decided to take a real stab at the SaaS game, we moved into the first floor of a building on the outskirts of Cork city. Over the next few years, as our team grew, we shared the two remaining floors with other local companies. In 2015 we explored the idea of getting our own workspace. We wanted a place that reflected our culture, that was a happy medium between work and fun and that our team would be proud to say they’re part of.
In August 2016, work started on our new office. By December, we had packed up our bindles and Nerf guns and moved five minutes down the road to our incredible new home: Teamwork Campus One.

What’s so great about this campus?

From the very start, we decided that this wasn’t going to be your average office, and so we paid a lot of attention to the small details. The plans were shared as much as possible with the team so we knew what we could look forward to. Open spaces, lots of light, comfortable furniture, colour and edgy design, along with individual offices for each developer, are incorporated throughout the building.

We want people to feel inspired to do their best work.
One challenge that growing companies face is to keep people connected in a fun atmosphere. We’re making this possible everywhere, but especially on the first floor (the “social” floor) with a large dining space, a games room, a library to spark discussions/debates and a beautiful garden terrace complete with pods and a barbeque to enjoy those temperamental Irish summers!

The second floor has lots of break out space with the most comfortable chairs you will ever sit on. This is a great place to talk business with teammates. At any hour of the day, you will be met with people enjoying this area. At the end of this room, enclosed behind a giant bookshelf, is our music room. We filled it with bean bags and speakers so people can chill and play music as loud as they want. It’s also a great place to go for some quiet time if you need to step away from the action.

The third floor is an open plan space and is home to our business team. This is our most interactive space. It is the only floor with swings if you need to take some time out and watch the world go by. We also have a sitting room complete with fireplace for those moments of inspiration. (Yes you read that correctly!)

Our office finally reflects our personality. Our values and testimonials from long-time customers adorn the walls on each floor, colourful graphics represent our love of gaming and our games room Area 51 is a nod to where it all began.
The pièce de résistance that ties this beautiful space together? THE SLIDES! What started off as a joke is now a very real half-ton piece of metal connecting our three floors. When the hot food beckons on the ground floor, you don’t want to hang around too long at the bottom of the slide! It is our new normal–the modern day version of Fred Flintstone sliding down his dinosaur at the end of the day.

We have a fantastic team already enjoying the perks of this new space, and we’re looking for more. We’re hiring developers, designers and support specialists to join us and do their best work. If you’re looking for a move to Cork, check out or apply through You won’t regret it!
Take a tour of Teamwork Campus One.