Here at, we are fueled by customer feedback. We have the most brilliant and creative users who share their ideas, which we then have the chance to work on to become the features of tomorrow. Every suggestion from a customer is another opportunity to enhance our products to be better than ever. Our customers have helped us build our Teamwork Projects, Teamwork Desk, and Teamwork Chat with their ideas, preferences, and criticism. The key to our success is listening to them. Literally, they can say anything about our products and we listen because we are genuinely interested.
Our belief is that customer support doesn’t begin and end with a phone call, true support goes beyond the support team to the entire company. The decisions involved in staffing your customer care department will either result in soaring happiness or broken dreams, so choose wisely. At, we only hire people who care about our customers, care about solving issues, and who want to see success through the attainment of customer happiness. Each member of our team, at every level, is devoted to not just our own company’s success, but in making our products a success for our customers.
We have a lot of experience running a support desk, around the clock, and all this helps us maintain a customer-centric environment internally. From developers to support staff, the goal of every individual is to support our customers with quality products. Instead of building a product then worrying about how it will be used by the customer, design with a devotion to what the customer needs. This early standard for how you support your customers is pivotal to the success of your business. Our hand-selected customer support team has wonderful expertise and advice, so we asked them about their perspective.

What motivates you to provide excellent customer support?

J: The satisfaction of turning a situation where someone is having a hard time, into one where they go away loving your product and company even more.
R: Problem solving, taking ownership of issues, and sticking with a problem until it is finally solved.
N: I live by a few core beliefs – these include hard work and performance. So, a motivating factor for me is simply knowing the help my team and I give is helping others perform better. Adding to this, I’m quite competitive, so I like the challenge of seeing how many people I can support every day, and how quickly I can do that while maintaining the highest level of service.
A: What gets me up in the morning is simply being there for others. No day is the same! Being able to work within a supporting environment which aims to maintain a 100% Customer Happiness rating by providing support to users queries and issues & seeing it out from beginning to end…. this is what motivates me.
AK: I’ve always been interested in helping people. I get a huge sense of satisfaction from knowing that we are helping.

What, in your opinion, are the greatest advantages of using Teamwork Desk?

J: How easily I can see the history of a ticket and any previous tickets that a customer has submitted, so that I have as much information to help me solve their issues as possible, easily, and quickly available.
R: Being able to create a task in Teamwork Projects from a ticket in Teamwork Desk. The ability to add a note to a ticket and @notify another Agent/Admin is also really handy.
N: It’s focused and it’s fast, i.e. you can access your tickets fast and action them quickly, whether this is replying, adding a note to get a teammate’s input, or creating a task in Teamwork Projects directly within the ticket. Everything about the ticket is set up for speed.  
A: If things look and feel simple, they’re essentially easy to use! Teamwork Desk is no exception – its capabilities are endless. Teamwork Desk being the first ticketing software I’ve used, I found it extremely informative and easy to use! The overall look, feel, and UX is what I like most. From the point of logging in to logging out, every step, feature delivers a positive experience to both the user and customer. Productivity at its best!
AK: Teamwork Desk is easy to use, it’s easy to see where you stand when it comes to tickets. From my point of view, I love the reports, being able to see where we are as a team.

What are your favorite features of Teamwork Desk?

J: Triggers. Being able to automate things always saves time to let you concentrate on what brings real value to your company – communicating with and helping your  customers.
R: Inline screenshots. Canned responses and variables. “There is no spoon”.
N:  Quick keys: when you open a ticket > read it > hit “r”, and you’re straight in to reply. Create a task in Teamwork Projects with quick key “t”. I also like reporting – in particular: the numbers and the happiness rating as it’s a direct feed on the quality of your answers.
A:  Adding a note. The ability to seek advice or add notes to tickets through using the Add a Note feature is by far my favorite feature. Simply by using “@” followed by another user’s name brings that user into the ticket which helps to solve the problems faster.
AK: The reports, love the reports. 🙂

Please sum up your feelings about Teamwork Desk in three sentences.

J: Teamwork Desk gives us the opportunity to handle the process of providing customer support in an efficient way so that everything is handled, followed up and integrated to our workflow in Teamwork Projects – and we can spend our time helping customers instead of digging through emails.
R: I have used Teamwork Desk since it first launched and I loved it from day one. I used another helpdesk platform in a previous job and it was dull and horrible in comparison to Teamwork Desk. Teamwork Desk is fresh and colors are very easy on the eye. It is improving and evolving all the time. It is truly dynamic! This is all possible because of our Customer’s Feature Requests and our very talented developers. The most awesome thing is…this is just the beginning!
N: When I’m working I like to focus, don’t really like distractions, and expect the tools I use to work. With Teamwork Desk, I don’t have to worry about this — the UI is focused, there are no distractions, and it just works. Features are where you expect them to be, and are quickly accessible. It’s also nice to see new features and updates almost daily.
A: Teamwork Desk, in my view delivers on everything a customer helpdesk should do, however goes the extra mile. It delivers both happiness to users and customers  by building better relationships +  better communication links = Customer Happiness.
AK: Having used a number of helpdesk options in the past, it is truly great to have been involved in the ideas and design behind Teamwork Desk, it has evolved into a program that is easy to use, easy to navigate and fun to work with. The best thing is that it continues to get better every day.
If you sell anything bought or processed, or buy anything sold or processed, or process anything bought, sold, or processed, you have customers and those customers have needs. Nurturing a standard to have in place for your customer support plan to grow and flourish with continued success is the pinnacle of a great customer support department. Our team puts the customers first, giving them not only thoughtful focus but also consideration of their requests. Suggestions and ideas have a way of finding their way into the development roadmap, which fuels product progress. Hopefully, our story and our team have helped you learn how we bring happiness to our customers and also how to apply our approach to your own company and internal customer support team.