We want to let you know that we’re making some changes to our pricing structure for Teamwork Desk, which will be effective from today, June 5, 2018. As part of this revision, we’re retiring our existing legacy plans and rolling out two new pricing plans in their place so that we can offer a wider range of choices to teams of all types.
We will provide changeover options for existing customers based on your current plan. To learn more about how this will work based on your subscription, go to the billing section in Teamwork Desk for more information.

The guiding principles

As a company, we’re all about transparency, so we want to be as honest and straightforward as possible. We know change is not always easy, so we put a lot of thought into these improvements. Here’s why we’re updating our pricing plans.

  1. The existing per-ticket pricing model didn’t support our vision for the future of Teamwork as an integrated product suite. In order for us to reach the next step in our journey, we needed to fully retire the startup plans that charge per ticket, and instead, offer per-user pricing across all plans.
  2. We needed a mid-tier plan between Basic and Premium in order to offer customers a plan that had all of the functionality of the Basic plan plus some of the more powerful features from the Premium plan. With a range of different teams using Teamwork Desk as their principal means of customer communication, we wanted to be able to offer plans to fit their requirements.

What’s included in the new plans?

In place of the Basic plan, we created the Starter and Plus plans. These have been designed to cater to customer needs, offering you a range of options to match your workflows and workloads.
Our aim was to simplify the choice of plan for all types of teams. We felt that two elements essential to include in all plans across the board: 24/5 access to our highly responsive Support team and the integration between Teamwork Desk and Teamwork Projects. Every plan has access to those features.

Starter plan

  • $8.75 per agent, per month; billed monthly
  • $7 per agent, per month; billed annually

A ticket management tool for teams that are just getting started
The Starter plan is best suited to small teams making the switch to a ticket management tool. This plan equips you with all the essential features to support your customers.  Here’s what your team can do at the Starter level:

  • Automatically filter all incoming emails for maximum efficiency with Smart Inboxes.
  • Capture customer queries directly from your website with embeddable contact forms.
  • Reduce incoming queries by setting up a dedicated self-service help doc site, where customers have round-the-clock access to help docs.
  • Add structure to your support processes and improve customer relations with the Customer Portal, giving your customers full visibility over their support requests.
  • Keep the whole team in the loop with part-time agents, with up to 10 replies a month each.
  • Ensure agents aren’t working on the same ticket with collision detection.


Pro plan

  • $16.25 per agent, per month; billed monthly
  • $13 per agent, per month; billed annually

Increased automation for teams who need to efficiently manage customer conversations
This plan is great for teams of any size who need to further streamline their team’s workflows by automating repetitive processes. It includes everything in the Start plan as well as the following features:

  • With Triggers, you can automatically assign tickets to certain agents, add tags, and send emails to customers or agents.
  • Improve your team’s time management and customer service efficiency by tracking time spent on each ticket, making it easier to prioritize issues and enabling better collaboration.


Premium plan

  • $31.25 per agent, per month; billed monthly
  • $25 per agent, per month; billed annually

Advanced support features that add power to your customer interactions
The Premium plan equips teams with our full set of customer support tools so you can really ramp up your customer interactions. Along with all the features of the Starter and Plus plans, here’s what you’ll get:

  • Delve deeper into your team’s performance with customer happiness reports so you can ensure your team deliver the excellent service your customers deserve.
  • Capture information unique to your business by adding custom fields to your portal and tickets.
  • Use data-driven insights to see how your team are performing, spot trends in customer queries as well as other key support metrics with our advanced reporting tool.



For teams that need enterprise-level security and an account manager for added training and onboarding support
Enterprise customers have all of the features of the Premium level, plus they receive personalized service for any support needs. Here are the additional features available on the Enterprise plan:

  • Enjoy the highest tier of security with full at rest end-to-end encryption.
  • Choose an extra layer of security, ensuring only authorized people can access your site with two-factor authentication.
  • Increased security and an enhanced user experience through single sign-on.
  • A dedicated account manager to ensure your success, starting with onboarding and team training for a seamless transition.
  • Quarterly check-ins and an account review to help you improve your team’s efficiency and get the most value from Teamwork Desk.


Better service at every level

We’re making these changes so we can help your company grow and provide excellent outcomes for your customers. Please reach out to our support team at desk@teamwork.com if you have any questions about making the switch or choosing a plan.