Over the years, we’ve run a very successful customer support desk. In fact, it’s something we pride ourselves on and we make no secret of that. As a result, we’ve come to learn a thing or two about customer support.

We understand each user’s needs are different. But we know that when any user has a question, he looks for an answer immediately. They appreciate transparency, efficiency, and the personable agent behind the email, phone call, or chat message. Some seven months ago, armed with this knowledge, we launched Teamwork Desk, a helpdesk with all the capabilities (and then some!) to successfully manage all of your customer queries.

Today, we are excited to announce the arrival of our beautiful Teamwork Desk Mobile App so now you can give stellar customer support on the go!

We like to think that the apps we create can fit seamlessly into a busy professional life and help you achieve structure and organization in your work. The Teamwork Desk App is no different. Click on the Activity Feed feature to get an immediate overview of the activity in all your inboxes.  Work in the unified inbox, a specific inbox (e.g support), or simply answer tickets assigned to you.  Swipe left on a ticket to easily change the status – assign it to another user or simply move to a different inbox entirely.  Reply to tickets, add a note or change the properties of a ticket – it couldn’t be easier. Not only that, but the search feature is lightning fast, so you’ll find what you’re looking for instantly. Check out this video to get some insight into the Teamwork Desk App:

Customer support never stops, more so if you sell internationally across different timezones. There will be days when you need the freedom of not being tied to your desk, whether you’re catching a flight or have five minutes between meetings, you can quickly tie up loose ends with the Teamwork Desk Mobile App. Reply to your customers from anywhere because The Teamwork Desk Mobile App has arrived. Available for free download on iOS from the iTunes app store.