March saw the team celebrate the first anniversary of  Teamwork Desk. There have been a lot of long hours and late nights to get Teamwork Desk to where it is today, and every month they continue to add great new updates.

You might recall that last month we announced the arrival of the Teamwork Desk Android app. This month, the mobile team has added a dashboard to the mobile apps. Now, you can get a quick overview of what’s going on in support. You’ll get an immediate insight into response time, handle time, and customer happiness. Take a look at the new dashboard here:

This month, the team has been working on some pretty big features that are due for release in April. In addition to those, the team has also worked on some other updates and improvements listed below:

Updated Spam Filters – Previously, if an email filtered as spam once then it always filtered as spam. We’ve updated the filters, so now if you remove an email from the spam inbox once it will no longer default as spam again.

Whitelist – Adding keywords to the whitelist will move matching spam messages into your inbox.

Customer Portal – You can now override the default stylesheet and add your own custom stylesheet and icon. To do this, simply click on the cog setting in the left-hand menu, select customers and in the left panel select Appearance.

Improvements to Billing – You can now remove the role setting and add a part-time agent as an admin. We changed this setting because someone who might not answer a lot of tickets might still need to get an overview of the support function within Teamwork Desk.

Finally, watch this space for a sleek new social integration! Do you use Teamwork Desk? We’d love to hear about your experience.